Practices of Intimacy – 3 Keys for Developing Deeper Connections

Intimacy is perhaps the most important thing many people are missing in their lives.  This is why I have continued on from last month’s blog to share more ways to discover the treasures you can experience in deep intimacy. The practices I talk about here are the most direct pathways used by my workshop participants … Read more

Practices of Intimacy and Boldly Taking Time For Connecting Deeper

Our precious moments of intimacy with another or with ourselves are deeply nourishing. The very word, intimacy, implies something that is innermost, intrinsic, and essential. A newborn baby can experience intimacy when she gazes into the radiant love shining from her mother’s eyes. Mother and child melt into each other. It is one of the … Read more

Practices of Loving

My life’s work has focused on the importance of connection and intimacy between partners for the simple reason that they are our foundation for growing in love together. Intimacy and connection enable us to express our love to our partner and foster our feeling of being truly loved by our partner. Intimacy implies 100% trust. … Read more

The Age of YOUR Sexuality

Sexual energy is life energy … It is the pulse of life.  Like life, our sexuality has different seasons and different ages. And, like the seasons, our sexuality has treasures to be explored and discovered no matter which season, be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter. For example, springtime is your sexuality in the early … Read more