Caroline Muir demonstrates an AH (Awakening & Healing) Session.

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Caroline Muir is interviewed by Max Van Praag on “Private Matters.”

Private Matters YouTube Capture


Caroline Muir talks about the essence of Divine Feminine work.  Beautiful and inspiring.

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Students & staff speak about the Divine Feminine Institute, the value they get out of our retreats, and the particular value that’s available for men in this work.

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Audio: Susan Mayginnes interviews Caroline for the Lifetime Love Affair Summit. Right-click here to download the MP3.


More Caroline: here’s an interview series Celedra Gildea conducts with Divine Feminine founder Caroline Muir, about her book “Tantra Goddess”, the work of the Institute, and the rewards available to us all as we weave together spirituality with sexuality.


Tantra Goddess – A Memoir of Sexual Awakening

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Tantra Goddess – Sex meets Spirit

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About the Divine Feminine Trainings

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