The Deepening Process®


Couples Private 3-Day Immersion


(Including same-gender couples)


“Are you ready to expand

your relationship to its highest potential …

 … beyond now and into tomorrow?”


Dearest Two becoming One;

Whether you’ve been together forever or just one day, come learn and play in the environment that will take your intimacy and sexuality to the next level of passionate connection. This is the eduction we never received: becoming Masters of the Art of Intimacy


Connection is at the heart of everything! It’s time to reap the rewards you’ve been wanting for so long… 


♥  Gain fulfilling intimacy and longer-lasting pleasure…

♥  Develop more of a sexy, satisfying relationship…

♥  Assure a rock-solid bond of passion and love!



You deserve to live the love that you are, effortlessly and abundantly.


♥  I will guide you in cultivating a deliciously sensual relationship with each other’s bodies, beyond whatever is holding you back.

♥  I will guide you in creating intimate and heartfelt connections every day

♥  We will practice honest, heartfelt communication and listening skills

♥  We will find the blocks to fully opening your hearts to one another



Get ready to tap into your vitality and libido

and reclaim your powerful relationship aliveness!




“Imagine a guided Immersion into the Tantric Mysteries of Love…

learning practices that will keep your love and your passion alive over the course of your lifetime.”




For the cost of a mini-vacation, you will receive several hours per day of session time with me during your Immersion, with lots of free time to practice the Art of Love in the privacy of your own spacious love nest. I will provide a fully stocked kitchen and a comfort zone that includes a fireplace, a library of DVDs and books on the subjects of Tantra Yoga, extended orgasm, female ejaculation, and conscious loving sexual practices.



I co-authored Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving. My autobiography, Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening, was published by Monkfish Books in 2011. I taught seminars at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, as well as Beginner through Advanced Tantra Trainings for over twenty years across the U.S. and in Hawaii, Bali, and Mexico.


I share with authenticity and genuine love so that you can unfold as Lovers and Masters of the Tantric Arts, based in my feminine wisdom authority. Tantra is an ancient Hindu subject, but we are neither ancient nor Hindu. This information has been sculpted for the Western man and woman desiring to learn how to practice sexual love as an art form.


Your sessions with me include dialogue, questions, and teachings pertaining to your particular needs. Hands-on work helps to unlock the mysteries held within your bodies. Understanding and communicating your needs in ways that your partner can joyfully respond to will provide you with more pleasure and intimacy than you can even imagine. I do not engage sexually with my clients, but am trained to teach you how to ignite and arouse one another as well as becoming sexual healers for one another. This includes taking a deep look at all that might still be holding you back from greater love.


You can schedule your immersion during the week or over a long weekend, whatever is most convenient for you. The cancellation policy is gentle in case of unforeseen changes in your schedule. (see below)  



“The Soul has an absolute and unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment.” Thomas Moore – bestselling author of Care of the Soul



Lovely momentsWhat you’ll learn in The Deepening Process®


♥ Enough Tantric lovemaking skills to last a lifetime      

Embodiment of your Divine Relationship      

♥ How to enhance and release longer, deeper, easier orgasms    

♥ How to harness orgasmic energy for manifestation      

♥ How to cultivate more pleasure and ecstasy using the power of sounds, touch, and imagery


To deepen your experience even more, I’ll provide


♥ Access to my private Yoga Studio

♥ A list of local restaurants, hot springs, and hiking

♥ Directions to my favorite eateries and places to enjoy Lake Tahoe  




         World Class Hiking          Year Round Hot Springs Resort         18 Hole Championship Golf

Carson Valley Activities









“I’ve been engaged with Tantra for 40 years. Caroline Muir is a tantric master of the highest order. The most remarkable of all my teachers on this path, she is the embodiment of Divine Feminine wisdom, grace, teaching, transmission, gentleness, safety and experience I have ever encountered. If you do nothing else in your life, you must come and be with her in her presence. Sami ~ Samadhi Longo-Disse, M.Div., CSC, Ph.D.


I had the amazing blessing of an immersion with Caroline with my Beloved by my side. Caroline is the essence of Love; her inner beauty shining brightly through her eyes putting shy me at immediate ease. As she gave me the gift of sacred spot massage, my body released the fear and let go of the past. We learned meditations, breathing, and touch to continue the opening. I turned 43 years of age one week after this immersion, and for the first time in my memory on this planet, I feel whole. With tears of joy, I send Caroline my gratitude, though that seems so inadequate for the gift she has given to me. To spend time with a teacher who is willing to share this Wisdom is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” LC, Oregon


“My wife and I attended a 3 day Immersion led by Caroline. I could see, feel and hear that my wife was in a certain amount of pain concerning our intimacy, and I could no longer bear not knowing what to do. I had no idea what was in store when we walked into the beautiful accommodations in the peace-filled space Caroline showed us to. With gentle encouragement, we moved slowly into sharing with Caroline what our concerns and disappointments were about our marriage and our sexual intimacy. After 14 years we apparently needed a ‘tune-up’. To say that we got one is an understatement. We have never been happier! We are emerging as the lovers we were always meant to be. ‘Thank you’ only begins to express my gratitude for all the new ways in which I can love my wife!” MF, Boise, ID


“Caroline Muir is a radiant example of ‘being alive with pleasure.’ I consider her an integral part of my journey of awakening into my ecstatic feminine.” Catherine Oxenberg, Malibu, CA


“Before my immersion experience with Caroline, I only understood the Divine Feminine in an intellectual way, the way one understands things through reading and discussing.  After, I embraced the Divine Feminine in a holistic and energetic way that is far more authentic and meaningful.” MA


“My session was an incredible breakthrough, an awakening, a revealing of myself in a very intimate and non threatening space. So safe  and comfortable and I’m so grateful. The real gift for me was knowing that I always have the power to find myself, on a very physical level, I am always here. All the stuff EVERY woman should know!” Samantha (Russia) Age 33


A limited number of private immersions will be available Spring and Summer. If you are interested, please apply for a Discovery Session with me to explore whether this is a good fit along with the cost and details.


Gentle and Simple Cancellation Policy: One half of your deposit is refundable if you cancel. All of your deposit can be applied to a future date within one year.


If you know this is exactly what you need to align your life with your vision, don’t hesitate! Apply for your Discovery Session today.


I will love to welcome you!

Big Love, Caroline

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