Caroline Muir, Founder of Divine Feminine Institute

I have been schooled in the University of Life, choosing to do my basic training in the great mystery. I majored in romantic love, the healing arts, adventure and passion. I got high marks for breaking the rules. I knew how much I didn’t know.

From my origins in a pioneering family, I continue living my life in radical acceptance that uncharted territory is essential to discovering the joy and aliveness that is my birthright. My forefathers and foremothers left me an inheritance of their wisdom… their gifts continuing to pay dividends in spite of a challenging economy. I know I am blessed.

The concept and finally the practice of sexual awakening and healing captured me in the early ’80′s during a yoga retreat. I learned about energy centers and my subtle body, along with a deep understanding of how to care for my physical body outside the box of traditional medicine. This all led me to an illustrious career as a teacher of Tantra Yoga, being filmed by the Masters and Johnson Institute; appearing in numerous articles from the Wall Street Journal to Playgirl; and developing my work based on my belief that loving and being loved transforms the human experience.

I birthed and founded the Divine Feminine Institute for Men and Women in 2004, on the premise that education and practical experience are the keys to understanding.

• Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening, was published after living enough life to know that I had important ideas to share with others about some of the missing pieces in the expression of human sexuality.

• Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving, co-authored with Charles Muir, is a book that still tops the field in its clear understanding of the ancient art form of Tantra Yoga.

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Amrita Grace, Former Executive Director

I am the author of Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness, and the founder of Reclaiming Aphrodite®, sexual wholeness and empowerment education for women. I also co-facilitate workshops for couples and for single men and women with my beloved husband, Apollo.

I draw from my background as a High Priestess, an advocate for sexual healing and abuse recovery, and a natural catalyst for transformation. I have been forged in the fire of my own healing process through sexual abuse and addiction, and have received the gifts of wholeness and abundance that I am happy to share with those who seek them.

Apollo and I weave our marriage, our sacred work, and a life in paradise together into a new kind of relationship that glows with radiant light and love. As we bring harmony and balance to ourselves, we bring the same to the world around us as we create together with a shared passion for healing, wholeness, and sacred sexuality. For lots of free resources on sexual healing and awakening, please visit my website


Apollo Grace, Faculty

apollo2When I discovered the field of sacred sexual healing in 2006, I realized I had found my deepest calling. My personal healing journey involved sexuality, and I’m struck by how profoundly our blocks around sexuality prevent us from experiencing a full embrace of our nature as human beings. In the same year, I began training in Shamanic Astrology; this was a true gift in that it restored a connection to myth and narrative that I was missing, and which I find brings deeper clarity and meaning to my life and work.

After several years of training in the field of sacred sexuality and sexual healing, I met Amrita and accepted her invitation to study with the Divine Feminine Institute. I was drawn by the strength of the core teachings as well as the weaving of teachings and practices relating to communication, vision, Shamanic Astrology, and practical spirituality. I became a certified graduate, practitioner in the trainings, and most recently a full Ambassador (official DFI instructor).

In 2010 I moved to Maui to join my beloved Amrita, and within the container of that relationship, we continue to deepen our clarity about who we truly are and what we are here to contribute to the world.

As a leader within the field of spiritual sexuality, I’m most deeply engaged with the “mystery school” of what the emerging Masculine identity is on the planet at this time – what we bring to the human experience that’s different from the old patriarchal forms and also different from the Feminine spirituality which has emerged over the last 50 years. What are the unique sexual wounds of men? What is the nature of our partnership with the Feminine? I draw on my experience with the ManKind Project and other men’s organizations to participate in this global dialogue and emergence. Find out more at


Guest Faculty: Daniel Giamario

I am a nationally known and published astrologer with 42 years experience. I teach a unique synthesis of the psychological, mythological and spiritual to support your discovery of your life’s purpose and your place on the wheel of Life. I am the founder and executive director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

Shamanic Astrology is an evolving system that is ceremonial and participatory, and operates from a mythic perspective. Authentic shamanic ceremonials are the mythic re-enactment of cosmological phenomena. Over time, the cultural ceremonies and mythic stories created by the various civilizations were draped onto the actual physically observed cycles of the planets and patterns of the constellations. The experience of Shamanic Astrology allows one to participate ceremonially with as many cosmological cycles as possible, which rejuvenates and reanimates the ability to source and co-create with the emerging mythos of a new epoch.

Shamanic Astrology links to modern psychology through the use of archetypes. An ancient shamanism using gods, goddesses, spirits and animal essences can now be expressed through a comprehensive, cross cultural, full spectrum approach to archetypes, inspired by astrologers like Rudhyar, and archetypal psychologists from Jung to Hillman, Perera, and Bolen. I created the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm with a thorough and comprehensive non-hierarchical view of archetypal possibilities.

As a support to the evolving vision of The Divine Feminine Institute, I love to help you discover your authentic expressions of the Feminine and Masculine (the Goddess and God) that you came into this life to embody. Additionally it is a great pleasure to assist you with what we call in Shamanic Astrology the ‘Sacred Marriage”. This is a psychological/spiritual process of attaining inner wholeness by finding union with our inner Feminine and Masculine.

At this time of the Turning of the Ages, as the power, heart and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine is rising again, it is my great pleasure and privilege to help unwind the nightmare that has befallen global humanity from the deeply damaging merging of hierarchical patriarchy, patrilineal customs, and monotheistic religions over the last three millennia. My vision is for an empowered and awakened Feminine and Masculine to once again walk together as allies in Love.


Guest Faculty: Julie Mandarino

JulieI would say that my life has been driven by the search for Divine Love. Coming of age in Berkeley in the era of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, I looked for ecstatic union through sexual liaisons but, to my dismay, found mostly painful disappointment and loneliness instead. About the same time, I learned the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, which suited me so well that I became a TM teacher and immersed myself full-time in the TM movement for the next 25 years. The technique opened me to the discovery of a universal love that is like an ocean of kindhearted nurturing toward all of creation. It is so mothering and feminine that I call it Mother Divine. To awaken Her presence fully, within myself and in the world, has been the central theme of my life ever since.

Although I am no longer actively involved in the TM movement, I do continue my daily practice of the technique. However, my attention shifted somewhere along the line to include the embodiment of love on the emotional and physical levels. As a result, I became more engaged in worldly life: I completed a Ph.D. in psychology, with research into emotions in higher states of consciousness. I worked as a psychology professor for 13 years, with a specialty in marriage and family relationships. During that time, I got married to a wonderful man and started practicing what I had been preaching to my students. My husband and I became trained to facilitate Shadow Work, a profound process for transforming our shadows and shame into sources of strength and love. And, in the past few years, our lives have been enriched through our involvement with the Divine Feminine Institute, where we’ve been given the opportunity to contribute our Shadow Work training to help create healing and sexual wholeness by shedding light on the shadows and shame people carry around their sexuality. For me, personally, partnering with the Divine Feminine Institute weaves together the key themes of my life—my  experience of the Divine as feminine, my desire to deepen love and sexual intimacy with my partner, and my psychological orientation toward healing our shadows so that we can radiate ever more fully the light of our inner divinity.