Dear Precious Woman;


If you are seriously excited about

♥   more fulfilling relationships…

♥   your full orgasmic potential…

♥   more love in your life…

♥   releasing the past that no longer serves you…


You deserve to have your dreams fulfilled.


Give yourself a 3-day private retreat in a divinely feminine Temple-like space in which you can fully merge with your own true nature… without the daily interruptions of life.

Develop a deeper sensual relationship with your own body from the private work with me and from the books and DVDs available in the Goddess Studio.

I will personally stock your kitchen with your favorite needs so that you don’t have to go out if you don’t want to… or you can visit the gorgeousness of Lake Tahoe… or take long walks in beautiful Carson Valley… or simply stay in your lounge wear and use my yoga studio upstairs.


Infuse your relationships

                                        with greater intimacy and more pleasure

…once you have found the source of your own desires!



What lies within you right now… is increased vitality, libido, and intimacy.


Reclaim your powerful feminine aliveness. Reconnect with your female essence.




“Imagine a guided immersion into the

Feminine Mystery, something most women

have forgotten their right to experience.”






“The soul has an absolute and unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment.”
Thomas Moore – bestselling author of Care of the Soul


Your Sessions with me include hands-on work to unlock the mysteries held within the hidden chambers of your birth center… giving you an opportunity to birth yourself into your birthright of wholeness and a much deeper understanding of your orgasmic potential.

You can schedule your immersion during the week or over a long weekend, whatever is most convenient for you. The cancellation policy is gentle in case of unforeseen changes in your schedule. (see below)


What you’ll learn in your Divinely Feminine Experience


   ♥ Enough Tantric lovemaking skills to last a lifetime


    Embodiment of your Divine Feminine Presence


   ♥ How to enhance and release longer, deeper, easier orgasms


   ♥ How to harness orgasmic energy for manifestation


   ♥ How to pleasure yourself into more ecstasy using the power of sounds and touch



To deepen your experience even more, I’ll provide


♥ Access to my private Yoga Studio


♥ A list of local restaurants and David Walley’s Hot Springs


♥ Directions to my favorite eateries and places to enjoy locally and in the Lake Tahoe area.




Additionally, go home with these valuable tools for your home practice


  Everything below plus some sweet Surprises!
SFSE Cover DVDSecrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy featuring Charles and Caroline Muir
Tantra Goddess cover Signed copies of my booksTantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving
Magenta wand Wand – Crystal Wand for home practice – awaken your Sacred Spot (G-Spot)
Aloe Cadabra Lubricant – 8 oz bottle of personal Lubricant


Empty relationships and sexless marriages become a thing of the past
when you take this vitally important time out –
  just for you!



hydrangea-419061_1280“I’ve been engaged with Tantra for 40 years. Caroline Muir is a tantric master of the highest order. The most remarkable of all my teachers on this path, she is the embodiment of Divine Feminine wisdom, grace, teaching, transmission, gentleness, safety and experience I have ever encountered. If you do nothing else in your life, you must come and be with her in her presence.” Sami ~ Samadhi Longo-Disse, M.Div., CSC, Ph.D.


“I am so grateful to you, Caroline, because I have learned two very important things while working with you during our Immersion: How to receive! And also how to connect more deeply and authentically with my husband, who is very immersed in his own work and himself, to the point where I have separated myself from him. I love him dearly. I needed to see how to be more patient and kind with my beloved even though it is still challenging. I am a happier woman when I do not look to him for affirmation and/or approval. I know he loves me as deeply as he can. Thank you!” Sandra Deakin ~ Belgium,


“My work with Caroline has changed me forever… in such a profound, touching and multi-dimensional way. 3 years later, I feel the work with Caroline has reached a new plateau within myself… where I honour myself as a woman; where I see my relationships in a new light; where I feel full, alive, energetic and loved by myself and the world. Caroline’s work is what has touched me the most and stayed with me in the most vibrant way. If I were to choose one thing out of 100 in terms if personal growth, I would choose working with Caroline.” Gitta S. Mother, Movement Therapist, Lover of Life – Sydney, Australia (and SF)


“Caroline Muir is a radiant example of ‘being alive with pleasure.’ I consider her an integral part of my journey of awakening into my ecstatic feminine.” Catherine Oxenberg, Malibu, CA


“Caroline is the Holy Mother of Love. She is the Mother you wish you had had to teach you and guide you to connect with your own inner strength and respect around your sexuality and healthy well-being at every stage of your life.  She helps you erase any past trauma you may be carrying and replace it with peace and confidence to move toward pleasure and satisfaction and faith.” MS, Spiritual Intuitive, Palm Desert, CA


“Before my immersion experience with Caroline, I only understood the Divine Feminine in an intellectual way, the way one understands things through reading and discussing.  After, I embraced the Divine Feminine in a holistic and energetic way that is far more authentic and meaningful.” MA


“My session was an incredible breakthrough, an awakening, a revealing of myself in a very intimate and non threatening space. So safe  and comfortable and I’m so grateful. The real gift for me was knowing that I always have the power to find myself, on a very physical level, I am always here. All the stuff EVERY woman should know!” Samantha (Russia) Age 33


A limited number of private immersions will be available near South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, scheduled around my travel and teaching schedule…. if you are interested, please apply for a Discovery Session with me to explore whether this is a good fit along with the cost and details.


Gentle and simple Cancellation Policy: One half of your deposit is refundable if you cancel. All of your deposit can be applied to a future date within one year.


If you know this is exactly what you need to align your life with your vision, don’t hesitate! Apply for a Discovery Session today.


I can’t wait to welcome you!


Big Love, Caroline

Divine Feminine Awakening
PO Box 1121
Genoa, NV 89411