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Join me for a week at Rhythmia Costa Rica

March 24-31, 2019

Please join me at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica for my workshop “Tantra Yoga and the Divine Feminine”. This workshop will consist of class lectures mixed with experiential exercises so that students receive cognitive understanding as well as how it feels to practice Tantric intimacy in a safe and non-sexual environment. Tantra, per se, is not necessarily a sexual study, but Tantra does shine light on the sexual center, sexual energy, and the power of our Shakti, our Life Force. I will explain all of this gleaned from over thirty years of study, practice and leading workshops and seminars around the country to tens of thousands of students. This is the education about sexuality and sexual loving that we never received from our schools or churches, mothers or fathers.

    • Plant Medicine Ceremonies
    • “The Answer is You” Life Transformation program by Michael Bernard Beckwith
    • Solar Yoga
    • Gerard Powell’s About Your Miracle Program
    • Rythmic Breathing program
    • Farm-to-table organic locally grown food prepared fresh daily
    • Fresh juices
    • Life Coaching
    • Licensed Psychological Counselors
    • Licensed Naturopathic Assistance
    • Massage
    • Day Spa
    • Costa Rican Volcanic Mud Baths
    • The Dead Sea Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse
    • Meditation Instruction
    • Beaches
    • Bicycling
    • Resort Pool

Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Teacher Training

Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 program, which begins November 2

Join Amrita Grace, Director & Facilitator and Caroline Muir, Coach, Muse, & Wisdom Keeper

• Teach the leading edge of personal growth
• Experience high demand for your body of work and teachings
• Accelerate your capacity to magnetize abundance and wealth
• Refine your marketing, sales, speaking, and facilitation skills
• Enhance your business and entrepreneurial skills
• Rise to your full potential as a teacher and facilitator
• Uplevel your mission and purpose on the plan

Work Privately with Caroline