The Nurturing Practice of AH Nurturing, Awakening, Healing
by Caroline Muir

The Nurturing Practice of AH is the Nurturing, Awakening and Healing of the totality of our being. It is considered by the Divine Feminine Institute to be the missing link in harmonizing modern emotional and cultural imbalances. AH is truly an integrated system, honoring all our Chakras and recognizing that they need nurturing, awakening and healing attention for the wholeness of our Being to emerge…Read More


Sexual Healing Begins with Accessing Emotions by Amrita Grace 

I have been through my own arduous journey of sexual healing, and now my passion is to assist you on yours. Having made a full recovery from childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual addiction, my life’s work is now helping others free themselves from sexual wounding. While I acknowledge that the journey is never really over, I know that I have fully reclaimed my self esteem and have a beautiful, joyful life full of love. I want that for you, too… Read More


Amrita, The Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation by Caroline Muir

In the Western world there is a tendency to reduce profound spiritual experience to scientific explanation. It is this perspective that has been taken with one of the ultimate sacred aspects of female sexuality: female ejaculation, or releasing amrita…Read More


Playing with Archetypes by Amrita Grace

What exactly is an “archetype”? It’s a question I needed an answer to so I could explain it to others. I had a strong intuitive sense of it, through my direct experience of working with archetypal energies, but I could not for the life of me explain it to anyone else.

A collage of the definitions I found: an original model; a prototype; a universally recognized symbol; the structural, energetic form behind the manifested form in physical reality.

Archetypes are indelibly melded with myth, woven through stories and legends across the ages. As the stories and legends are told, we may feel a strong alliance with the archetypal energies deep within our beings. They may evoke strong feelings in us, either resonant or repellant.

Some examples of archetypes are the hero, the warrior, the maiden, the trickster or magician, the Amazon queen, the mother or father, and the list goes on. It is possible to invite our inner archetypes to reveal themselves to us; or we may aspire to particular archetypes that we feel drawn to emulate.

All this comes vibrantly alive in the relationships we have with our own inner archetypes. Do you have a sense of yours? Do you have a strong relationship with any of them? Do you allow them full expression through you? Chances are, there are some you are aware of and others that are more elusive.


The Importance of Our Menstrual Blood by Marguerite Rigoglioso

Those of us women who are in the menstrual phase of our lives may be wasting one of the most precious resources we have for healing world conflict: our menstrual blood… Read More