Our Highest Recommendations:

  • Caroline Muir: The founder of Divine Feminine Institute and celebrated author of two outstanding books: Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving and Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening.
  • Reclaiming Aphrodite ® Amrita Grace is the premier successor of the teachings of Divine Feminine Institute, bringing her own unique flavor in the form of sexual wholeness and empowerment education for women. In addition, she and her beloved husband Apollo bring the teachings of spiritual sexual education to couples and single men and women. You can find their offerings on the events page of this website.
  • Core Light: In addition to his work with his beloved Amrita, Apollo Grace presents “The Authentic Lover” workshops – Intimacy, Sexuality, and Relationship Mastery skills for men. He also offers individual sessions in both Spiritual Sexuality and in Shamanic Astrology.
  • Saida Desilets: The Jade Goddess: Dedicated to the education and empowerment of sexual energy as our most potent and creative life force
  • Timothy Freke: Bestselling Author, Stand-Up Philosopher and Ambassador For Oneness
  • The Yin Project: Encouraging compassionate, creative, collaborative feminine leaders who inspire peaceful, joyful, sustainable communities
  • Harmonic Visions: Serving others to live a self-actualized, awakened, congruent life of confidence, clarity and creativity by integrating ancient teachings for the 21st Century. Teaching personal and spiritual growth and transformation through the practice of Shamanism, ancient Tantra practices, and the Expressive Creative Arts.