Our mission is the integration of the ordinary with the extraordinary in the key areas of our life experience. The vision for Divine Feminine Institute is being birthed through each of the students who choose to join us in awakening a healthy new paradigm for human relationships.

We are especially concerned with the need for elevation, reverence, and respect given to the natural impulse toward healthy sexuality and erotic innocence.

Our intention is the cultivation of higher consciousness and greater capacity for intimacy through education and practical experience. We seek to awake and enliven the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine forces within ourselves and in our relationships.

We believe that education, experience, and practice are the keys to opening the doors to understanding. In order to fulfill the need for alignment with higher states of consciousness, the life force power known and experienced as sexual energy must be explored, harnessed, understood, and consciously refined.

Sexual Energy is a resource for Vitality, Aliveness, Pleasure, Healing, and Transformation. Restoring this energy with reverence and gratitude allows for the awakening of consciousness in the whole being.