It’s been two weeks since I got back from Tahoe and you, and I still miss you! The work we did brought me to a spiritual state I had been longing for. It helped put everything in perspective so that I could experience and remember myself as a sacred being, which I knew intellectually and indeed have experienced many times before, but the manner in which this was brought about- sacred touch from you, in a sacred place in my own body- had the effect of concretizing this reality. Oh, Caroline, thank you so much. I so appreciate your presence of total integrity and love. You put me so much at ease and it was truly an honor to work with you.”- A.S.

I’ve followed your incredible success throughout the years, from your marriage on the cliffs of the Door of Faith through the acclaim of the thousands living today. You have touched many people’s lives in a way that really has no measured equivalent. From the small seed of a single powerful voice comes a movement that unifies all men and women through their expression of bliss and happiness. Keep on your mission Caroline to be a living example and teacher of the ways of love.”– Michael K, Hawaii


Before my immersion experience with Caroline, I only understood the Divine Feminine in an intellectual way, the way one understands things through reading and discussing. After, I embraced the Divine Feminine in a holistic and energetic way that is far more authentic and meaningful.” – M.A.


Caroline is the Holy Mother of Love. She is the Mother you wish you had had to teach you and guide you to connect with your own inner strength and respect around your sexuality and healthy well-being at every stage of your life. She helps you erase any past trauma you may be carrying and replace it with peace and confidence to move toward pleasure and satisfaction and faith.”
MS, Spiritual Intuitive – Palm Desert, CA


My session was an incredible breakthrough, an awakening, a revealing of myself in a very intimate and non threatening space.
So safe and comfortable and I’m so grateful. The real gift for me was knowing that I always have the power to find myself,
on a very physical level, I am always here. All the stuff EVERY woman should know! 
” – Samantha (From Russia with Love!)

There are so many layers to what I shared with Caroline. I was certainly able to drop deeper into the trusting that it is safe to be in my body, and one of the most profound pieces for me was that in my surrendering to being held by another women in such a tender way, it healed yet another chasm between me and my relationship with my mom.” – Angela Thurston, Victoria, BC


It went way, way, way beyond my expectations.
I will be carrying this with me the rest of my life.” J.N. – New York

As a sum of all the work I have ever done,
it is the essence of spiritual bodywork.” M.F. – Belgium

 Powerfully integrating and energizing, masterful teaching,
hugely transforming!” M.C. – Massachusetts

 I greatly appreciate the integrity and sacredness
you provide.” S.W. – New York

I honor the long lineage of wisdom that has come down
through you to me and my beloved.” R.L. California


 Bringing in deep, core healing with such grace,
courage and compassionate love for life
is big medicine for me and the world.” J.S. Hawaii