3-Day Private Exploration to Unlock the Most Profound Joy and Fulfillment

I am excited to draw a picture for you of all the beautiful moments of deep exploration and rebirth that await you here in Panama City.

Coming here to work with me is a journey like none other.

We will explore and discover, together, the mysteries that make you tick, that sometimes hold you back, and can also unlock the most profound joy and fulfillment in your life.

I say this because this is my experience. I have lived through this exploration and discovery for decades. And it is the experience of the many women I have guided along the way in my life’s work.

In this work, I offer to co-create with you the revealing of your inner beauty, the realization that yes, you ARE enough! More than enough!

You will gain a new perspective that you will take home for yourself and perhaps a partner:
A healthy new way of thinking about your body.

An excellent example of what happens in my 3-day immersions was my most recent immersion with a delightful 40 year-young woman from the US. During the FREE Discovery Call, she told me she felt out of touch with her divinely feminine self.

She realized that the 3 Day Immersion with me was what she wanted to do and decided to come to Panama. So she made all the arrangements necessary and came to spend the three days with me.

On our last day of working together, there was humor and laughter – at how weightless and inconsequential her perceived problems she had initially brought with her now appeared. We waded through the rubble of these counterfeit issues for two previous days to arrive at our point of laughter. What a moment of celebration and release!

I always enjoy those moments, coming out on the other side of the rubble, as I call it, and realizing that those problems were all relatively easily solved. So now it’s just a matter of wearing the new clothes, practicing new ways of thinking, and holding onto her new perspective after working with me.

My work in the 3-day immersion is to help you see your inner beauty and gifts.

One of the most important aspects of the new perspectives gained is the perspective this woman will now have about her own body. She sat in front of me – me being a woman 30 to 40 years older than her – and referred to me as the beauty she saw before her.

I helped her to understand that she was referring to inner beauty, an aspect of beauty she also has. After that moment, she now realizes she has her own inner beauty. This kind of ah-hah moment, recognizing your own inner beauty, is what my work is all about.

My work with you is to bring you to the knowing that you are more than enough, just as you are! This point of knowing always occurs in our three days together. It’s the moment when you begin to feel excited about being enough. And then, we can feel it together. That’s when the celebration can begin.

Once you leave our private oasis and return home, it will be up to you to continue to grab hold of that excitement and live that truth for yourself every day. From that day and every day forward, you are enough!

And what we practiced together, you can then take home to your partner or your solo life wherever you live.

Our work together begins with you settling into your world-class accommodations.

Once you arrive at the airport in Panama City, AKA Mini Manhattan, everything is taken care of. It starts with your private driver picking you up to bring you to your accommodations, either in an apartment in my building or a room in the world-class JW Marriott Hotel next door to my building.

While you rest after your flight, you can check out our great neighborhood with fun places nearby to get healthy foods, salads, or juices. You might decide to swim in our Olympic-sized pools, some of the best in the city, right on the bay.

Our work together will begin the next day. Either I will come to your private room, or you can come to my treatment room. We may also work in my office or guest bedroom. Whatever seems best.

We will explore the great mysteries of female sexual energy in an atmosphere that is 100% safe and nurturing.

Many women, of all ages, from 19 to late 70s, come to me because they know there are things about their sexuality that they don’t understand. For example, they don’t know how to enjoy their sexual response fully, be it a vaginal or clitoral response with their partner or themselves.

So instead of going through life complaining or feeling sorry for yourself that you haven’t experienced your sexual pleasure birthright, we will go deeper into how to create that pleasure. First, we will learn how to squeeze on your pubococcygeus muscle, the muscle that runs around your vagina from the pubic bone to the coccyx. This is also known as the Kegel muscle.

Even though most of us don’t know how to use this muscle in our sexual activity, I will teach you how to do that. I will teach you this and other things, all of which happen in an atmosphere that is 100% safe.

I have learned the vital value of making sure a woman feels safe. A woman can only open up to herself when she feels 100% safe. So that is one of my priorities.

My role with you is like that of a midwife or doula.

All of my sessions with you are with your explicit permission. My hands will work on your body with your invitation. This work will happen with total eye connection, occasionally laughter, sometimes tears, and verbal explanations whenever needed. I will encourage you to make sounds when you feel like it.

The sounds begin forming from deep in your sexual or passion center. They ride up through the power center in your tummy and up to your heart, which is not always open to sound energy. Once the heart opens, the energy can move into the throat or expression center, and the sounds can be expressed.

You don’t have to become aroused when we work together. Your arousal with me has very little to do with these sessions.

These sessions are about knowing how your arousal system actually works.

In your previous times of self-pleasuring or sexual pleasure with another, you only know what you already know. The unlocking of your sexual mysteries lies in discovering the things that you don’t know, you don’t know!

And I love turning you on to what you don’t know yet. Things like sounds and eye gazing – the connection of your eyes with your partner’s eyes. You will love the magic you will feel in the simple act of receiving.

Most women don’t fully know how to receive. Even if you’re in the receptive mode with a partner, there’s often a part of the brain that says, “I should be done now. I’m taking too long. How come I’m not getting aroused yet?” And so the mind rambles, out of control, as it short circuits your pleasure.

These 3 days are also about getting to know yourself again.

To know yourself, you need to spend time with just yourself. So these 3 days will give you a chance to go out and have dinner in the most beautiful restaurants right here.

You just walk right out of your room, along the water of the bay, through the beautiful tropical air, and dine alone. When was the last time you gave yourself that?

The invitation for an immersion is to not just go deeply into immersing with your mentor or teacher but also to have alone time, just with yourself – dining, walking, or sitting by the bay. If you’re in a relationship quite often, that doesn’t happen often enough.

This is my invitation for women or couples:

Come see me in Panama. Let’s dive deep together into living a turned-on life.

Contact me, and we will talk about it.

Yes, it’s time. It’s time to claim all of you.

I will be privileged to accompany you.



Conversation with Caroline adaption and writing by Wordsmith – Peter D. Black

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