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Caroline Muir’s work is instrumental in inspiring sacred-sexual awareness worldwide, also known as Tantra. She is celebrated as a Tantra Yoga educator, best-selling author, and co-leader of the very popular Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving workshops from 1985-2015. Caroline is now in private practice where she provides her transformational work to women (A Divinely Feminine Experience) and couples (The Deepening Process) in the form of 3-day private immersions.

Author of two best-selling books, Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening, and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving as well as co-producer of the DVD Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy, Caroline founded the Divine Feminine Institute for Men and Women in 2004. Inspired by her work with Sacred Spot (G-spot) healing and awakening massage, she uncovered the missing piece in sexual healing: the Nurturing Practice of AH (Awakening & Healing). Caroline is skilled in educating both men and women about the full-spectrum experience of their orgasmic capacity.

AH practice is a feminine-wisdom approach to sexual wholeness for all who honor the sacred. The practice of AH invites us to rise out of our animal nature and into lovers who regard and revere the body as a home for the spirit. It is the key practice for developing expanded full-body orgasm.

Caroline draws on her expertise as a practitioner of the tantric arts, an ancient art form from which the Kama Sutra has its roots. Her books and teachings have impacted hundreds of thousands of students, both singles and couples of all ages who appreciate her depth, her integrity, and the warmth she brings to this sensitive and ancient subject.

Caroline produced her Legacy Online Course called Living A Turned-On Life. In this 6 week course, Caroline shares her synthesis of a lifetime of practices that produce vitality, orgasmic states of pleasure, and love for oneself that exceeds normal life patterns for women. It encompasses the education women never received about their bodies and their sexuality, thereby empowering women to own and claim their divinity on all levels.

Caroline’s work was featured in many publications during the years of teaching Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving with Charles Muir. She was honored in articles in The Wall Street Journal, Yoga Journal, PlayGirl, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Healthy Living, Healing Lifestyles & Spas, Asia Magazine and many others.

Caroline writes:

The concept and practice of sexual awakening and healing has been pivotal in my life and in the lives of many, many others. It truly is the missing piece in human sexuality, a misunderstood gift of extraordinary dimension. Pleasure is healing, and sex can be a far greater act of intimacy than it now is for most people. Education is the key to expanding sex from simply a physical need into an ecstatic art form. I came to understand first-hand that sexual energy, when directed upward toward the brain, awakens consciousness. We must evolve in every area in order to live in a world that fulfills our dreams.

Being filmed by the Masters and Johnson Institute early in my career as well as giving the feminine a much-needed voice pertaining to pleasure and sexuality has been as fulfilling as having happy and successful relationships. I believe that loving and being loved transforms the human experience.”

Caroline’s Philosophy:

Education at every age is at the core of what advances human existence. Alignment with the sexual life force for the purpose of healing and awakening as well as union with the Divine is a lost art form. Pleasure is the birthright of each and every one of us. Elevating sex from the mundane into the profound is for all seekers of spiritual/sexual ecstasy. This is the ‘union’ of what the mystics call ‘yoga’… or union with the divine. My teachings are based on a foundation of forty-five years of hatha yoga, meditation practice, and living a healthy, vital life filled with Love.

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