Our precious moments of intimacy with another or with ourselves are deeply nourishing. The very word, intimacy, implies something that is innermost, intrinsic, and essential. A newborn baby can experience intimacy when she gazes into the radiant love shining from her mother’s eyes. Mother and child melt into each other. It is one of the most treasured moments in our human experience. We can all recreate this precious state of presence with one another. All of us can learn to develop intimacy within a close, long-term relationship, a new relationship, a close friendship, or even with one of our kids. […]

I am excited to draw a picture for you of all the beautiful moments of deep exploration and rebirth that await you here in Panama City. Coming here to work with me is a journey like none other. We will explore and discover, together, the mysteries that make you tick, that sometimes hold you back, and can also unlock the most profound joy and fulfillment in your life. I say this because this is my experience. I have lived through this exploration and discovery for decades. And it is the experience of the many women I have guided along the

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Today is a good moment to share a few essentials of living a full, healthy life.  Caring for our bodies is number one on the list of living a full, healthy life. This can take many forms as we move through our life changes, changing careers, starting a family or even moving to another country. I have spoken about how we change during life’s different ages or stages, especially how we keep our passion and sexuality alive. When we are younger, just starting out in our adult lives, our physical bodies feel indestructible. We assume our effortless, pain-free life will

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At the very center of the Aloha Spirit, you will find loving kindness.  The Aloha Spirit is a quality and an attitude that has immense value in Hawai’i. In day-to-day conversation, you will often hear phrases like, you should go, those guys really have the Aloha Spirit! And everyone agrees, with big smiles on their faces. But what do people mean when they say somebody or something has The Aloha Spirit? It means that the people or the place (or both) are warm, welcoming, generous, AND full of kindness. Loving-kindness. When the Aloha Spirit is present, we feel a generosity

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Marriage is one of the most important celebrations in our life. It ranks right up there with our birth, entering this world, and with our passing, departing this world. In so many ways, marriage contains our whole circle of life. Through marriage, we often create a new life and have babies, and we hope to be together for each other in marriage, up to our last breaths. From our wedding day on, there are many priceless gifts that a sacred marriage can bestow upon us. It matters not whether our marriage is to another, their body and soul, or a

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My life’s work has focused on the importance of connection and intimacy between partners for the simple reason that they are our foundation for growing in love together. Intimacy and connection enable us to express our love to our partner and foster our feeling of being truly loved by our partner. Intimacy implies 100% trust. With the walls and barriers down, we can be comfortable being who we are. But, unless we are exactly who we are, how can we connect? It won’t feel true unless both partners are authentic. One cannot be an actor. Impersonating another preferred version of

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Sexual energy is life energy … It is the pulse of life.  Like life, our sexuality has different seasons and different ages. And, like the seasons, our sexuality has treasures to be explored and discovered no matter which season, be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter. For example, springtime is your sexuality in the early years. It is young and vibrant, bursting forth with new life. You are so excited to be on that first date – those first sensual kisses! The first passionate lovemaking! Those are the days of our first time spending the night together with our lover.

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This blog is an invitation to experience one of the finest moments in life … … the moment when you feel very, very close with your partner. All barriers are gone; there are no restrictions or conditions – only 100% trust and love between you and your partner. You are simply being and being together. This level of connection and acceptance from another human is deeply healing. To reach this level of closeness and intimacy, we will need one of our most precious elements – TIME  Our protective layers take time to soften and slide off, our hearts need time

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  Men come to the subject of Tantra not knowing what it is but assuming that it means some sort of “better sex” with different techniques and more pleasure. Perhaps they heard from a male friend who said he found a Tantra Goddess somewhere and had fantastic sex. Men have heard that Tantra involves prolonging their orgasms/ejaculations for some spiritual purpose, which they may not understand. Most men would probably assume that prolonging his orgasm must be to enhance his sexual pleasure in some new way or because he wants to last longer for the woman’s pleasure. For men, sex

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If you haven’t read Parts 1-3, you’ll want all the buildup and juicy details before diving in to Part 4. Start here with Part 1. Bearing in mind that this anticipated time together in person with my Imaginary Lover (I.L.) is purely imaginary, read on… We find a place to be alone, as I know I want to not just see and touch him, but also to feel my whole body in immediate closeness with his. He becomes human as my cells inhale him, and a part of me begins to settle down. We find a way to be in

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