Beginnings and Endings on Maui – Saying Goodbye

In August of 1985, I rented my first home on the island of Maui. As we drove down a bumpy dirt road toward the stunning blue Pacific, I was struck by a sign that said Door of Faith Church. Energy tingled through my entire body as I realized I was opening that door, the door of faith, on this magical island thousands of miles from the US mainland.

Recently I received the final payment from the sale of the beautiful ocean-view temple home and property I developed and built in 1987 on Door of Faith Road. It has been ten years since I said Aloha to my precious home with its 50 coconut palms on three acres. I truly gave birth to a vision of living on a luscious tropical island in paradise.

I taught many, many workshops at Hale Akua Garden Farm Retreat Center near my home on Door of Faith Road… the last one over a decade ago. I’m ready for completion and closure with the Door of Faith, so I am returning to Hale Akua one last time to bring it all full circle with a women’s sexual awakening and healing retreat this April. This will be my final scheduled Maui workshop as I’ll be moving to Central America shortly after this retreat.

Hale Akua means House of the Divine. It’s no mistake that so many lives have been transformed here, where the tropical trade winds blow away that which no longer serves you and the energies of Mama Maui infuse you with love, joy, beauty, pleasure, and truth. It’s the ultimate blessing, to live for a week in the perfection of nature… warm, moist, and nurturing to the very core of your soul. In this place, I have witnessed more miracles than I can recount.

To this day, I still hear from students who participated in one of the many weeklong retreats I had the privilege of teaching at Hale Akua. Were you one of them? I would love to hear about your Hale Akua experience in the comments below.

Aloha… it means hello, goodbye, and I love you.

Aloha, Caroline

PS. Please, my darling… please do not let this opportunity pass you by. It’s likely the last time I travel back to Maui to sit in sadhana with you and share my wisdom. There’s an early-bird rate available through the end of January.


6 thoughts on “Beginnings and Endings on Maui – Saying Goodbye”

    • Congratulations Carolyn,
      In 1992 I spent my honeymoon on Maui with you and Charles, at your week long workshop. I witnessed you begin your life long niche of helping women heal from their traumas. That is truly your gift to the world! I am 71 years old and still practice Tantra, it has kept me young. In fact my sweetheart and I are taking Charles and Leah’s Intermediate workshop next weekend. Anyone that attends your last workshop on Maui will forever treasure their experience. You have made a huge positive impact on women and couples. Thank you for changing my life.
      Love and Blessings in your next adventure…..

    • Hi Pat, Caroline is moving to Central America and no, not to learn about ayahuasca. She is simplifying her life and slowing down to a more “tropical” pace. Blessings, Amrita

  1. Yourfinal retreat sounds yummy! I have only been on retreat with you at Kripalu in 2010 and in NYC that same month. Perhaps Maui is calling me. I will meditate on this.

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