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It is my joy to share with you the riches of a lifetime – the lessons and gifts which I have embodied

Intimacy is perhaps the most important thing many people are missing in their lives.  This is why I have continued on from

Our precious moments of intimacy with another or with ourselves are deeply nourishing. The very word, intimacy, implies something that is innermost,

I am excited to draw a picture for you of all the beautiful moments of deep exploration and rebirth that await you

Today is a good moment to share a few essentials of living a full, healthy life.  Caring for our bodies is number

At the very center of the Aloha Spirit, you will find loving kindness.  The Aloha Spirit is a quality and an attitude

Marriage is one of the most important celebrations in our life. It ranks right up there with our birth, entering this world,

My life’s work has focused on the importance of connection and intimacy between partners for the simple reason that they are our

Sexual energy is life energy … It is the pulse of life.  Like life, our sexuality has different seasons and different ages.