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    The Deep, Delicate Dance of Letting Go

    Just when I think there is no one there, I am catapulted into a dance, or perhaps it is a trance…  of kindness, connection, and quietude. A [...]
  • Caroline Muir

    Stem Cell Update from your Thought Leader

    As promised, here are my honest insights since receiving 49 million Mesenchymal Stem Cells intravenously administered here in Panama City last [...]
  • Plant medicine

    The Path of the Embodied Soul

    Below is the review I posted on Trip Advisor: The Gift that keeps on Giving… Rythmia! Where the weary Soul can truly rest … and Restore [...]
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    Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way! my Mama always told me. My partnership with Will is my longest relationship after four marriages and four [...]
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    Eros, Love, & Desire

    “Despite all of our best efforts, Eros will not be silenced. Eros is still here whether it shows up in secret shameful desires or secret shameful [...]
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    Above the Stem, the Flower Grows…

    Stem Cell treatment is the subject of this Blog… In particular mesenchymal stem cells ( MSC) which work in four main ways: Controls [...]
  • Panama City Skyline Caroline Muir

    Personal Reflections from Panama-My Year in Retrospect

    Latin America feels pretty darn good! I suppose I'm "semi-retired" now! I turn 75 years young on November 10, and I'm fine with celebrating [...]
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    A Shakti Success Story

    Meet Franca Baroni, Attorney at Law. She showed up at my door last year for her three-day Immersion, but she did not look like this. Her aura was [...]
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    Welcome to My New Latin World!

    Many have asked (though others don’t care)... why, Caroline, are you leaving America the Beautiful? More than leaving anywhere, for me it boils [...]
  • My Breast Friends - Caroline Muir

    My Breast Friends

    How many times have you criticized your own breasts? How many times have you hated them or wished they were different? Or are they your [...]
  • Caroline Muir

    Sex and Monogamy – What Does it Mean to You?

    Whether it’s tantric sex, male-female sex, same-gender sex, porn sex, slow sex, sacred sex, or wild and crazy sex, when you boil it down to the [...]
  • Blue Eyes of Desire

    The Anatomy of Desire

    Desire… passion… lust… ardor… love. These are compelling emotions. When they rise in me, like a wave upon the sea, I must hang onto something if [...]