• Erotic Intelligence - Caroline Muir

    Erotic Intelligence

    I am in love with the word erotic and the phrase erotic intelligence. The word "erotic" conjures up a definition of my own personal brand of sex [...]
  • A & Sea Hand on Heart crop

    Blessing my Legacy Forward

    When you’ve spent decades of your adult life refining and teaching a leading-edge transformational body of work like I have, you want to have [...]
  • Couple With Hot Drink Relaxing By Fire

    As My Hibernation Begins

    Holiday Greetings to you my Friend, My December is inviting me, in a very strong voice, to take very good care of myself between now and [...]
  • affection-1854081_640

    To Consort or Not to Consort – That is the Question

    To “consort” as a verb or “consort” as a noun, means “to keep company with or to accompany another.” We have all read of the queen’s consort or [...]
  • tango-108483_640

    Tantric Breakup

    We unwove as consciously as we had woven ourselves together…and that was very, very consciously and slowly, during four days of deep purification [...]
  • statue

    I Left My Heart in Costa Rica

    Pura Vida A soft rain falls just an arm’s reach from my breakfast coffee amidst the jungle foliage surrounding the open air dining. I reflect on [...]
  • Caroline Muir on Maui

    Beginnings and Endings on Maui – Saying Goodbye

    In August of 1985, I rented my first home on the island of Maui. As we drove down a bumpy dirt road toward the stunning blue Pacific, I was [...]
  • Opening the Flowers of Sunlight

    I love learning about amazing new technologies that can blast open my energy field either for real or because it sounds like they can! Does that [...]
  • Queen of the Yoniverse | Caroline Muir

    Transmissions from the YoniVerse

    My thoughts, as I rose the day before the Solar Eclipse of 2017, were filled with images of opening to Divine Light and releasing our (yours and [...]
  • Freedom | Caroline Muir

    How Free Are You?

      I recently returned from FreedomFest - The Worlds Largest Gathering of Free Minds 10th  anniversary conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. [...]
  • Beautiful elegant lady at huge boulder

    Embodiment of a Tantra Goddess

    The process of designing and creating a new website with my team inspired me to have a new photo shoot as outlined in my last blog post. That led [...]
  • Caroline Muir | Divinely Feminine

    Capturing the Essence of the Divine Feminine

    Six months of planning! Growing out my hair, longer than it’s been in 25 years. Finding a local photographer for a photo shoot so I would have [...]