• melania-trump-sexy-picture-donald-trump-wife

    First Ladies and Feminine Essence

    What moves the wife of an elected President, when overnight she becomes the “First Lady” of the nation? Where and when does the wisdom and the [...]
  • Couple With Hot Drink Relaxing By Fire

    Opening the Portal to Winter

    Long hours of snuggling under down comforters with my honey… pots of hot Chai steaming on the stove… the promise of many long conversations [...]
  • Panama_City

    My View from the Top

    I have always loved the view from the top. As a child in Kansas, it meant the top of the big old apple tree in our backyard. In New York City [...]
  • Caroline & Johnny

    To My Beloved Brother Johnny

    I am happy that you are Free… free of the life-long struggle to know Peace of mind and Peace in your soul. Johnny, you are without a doubt the [...]
  • Goddess Earth

    The Goddess of Genoa

    Life is here to be lived. Thanks to so many of you who sent your sincere condolences to my family and me in honor of the passing of my brother, [...]
  • John & Caroline older

    Sweetest Sorrows

    I am quietly processing the passing of my only and dearest brother, my only and dearest sibling. His name was John Cusack. I called him Johnny [...]
  • LATOL New FB

    More Turned-On Than Ever!

    Hello my friend, I am filled with the intoxication of a summer picnic, cold watermelon and frozen yogurt pops on a beach with dearest friends. [...]
  • Marriage in bed lying back to back

    Is your marriage sex-starved?

    Rarely have I ever seen this particular topic covered with such elegance as in the Tedx talk delivered by Michele Weiner-Davis, author of The [...]
  • woman

    What is the Sound of the Start of a Revolution?

    Do you happen to possess true self-confidence? I’m talking about more than just liking yourself. I mean truly feeling the breadth, the depth, and [...]
  • mature-woman-850600_1920

    Damned if we do, damned if we don’t? Part 2

    If you haven't read part 1 of this post, it lays the foundation for this conversation. You can read it here.   If you are a woman over [...]
  • knitting-150970_1280

    Damned if we do, damned if we don’t?

    Should Mature Women Hide Their Bodies? Dr. Jenn Brandt, director of Women’s and Gender Studies at High Point University, recently responded to [...]
  • fashion-183679_1920

    Are You Comparing Yourself to Other Women? Why It’s Important to Look Deeper

      How You See Others Can Tell You a Great Deal About Yourself   Have you ever noticed how you compare yourself to [...]