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    The Sexiest Yoga Practices Ever

      I’m going to share with you my personal practices… the ones that keep me young, flexible, and sexually alive. Are you [...]
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    Immerse into the depths of YOU!

    Some words suddenly become popular that have been dormant or seldom used in modern language. For reasons having to do with what is needed or [...]
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    Peering in the Mirror of “Marketing”

    Dearest Friend, I am delighted (and a bit cautious) to include you in a big step I have made recently as a commitment to my work in the area [...]
  • beauty-cropped

    On a Mission from Goddess

    “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” --Rumi   The moment in my life when my Mission revealed [...]
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    The Art and Soul of a Pleasure Professional

    As an emissary for the liberation of women in the areas of sexual/sensual freedom and pleasure, I am devoted to their advocacy in claiming and [...]
  • Athletic, shirtless young man carrying big cardboard box

    The Next Move… with The Movers!

    How could I not respond to so many of you who commented on my last blog, What's a Girl to do with The Movers?  As a Pleasure Professional, a [...]
  • Moving bunnies

    What’s a Girl to do with The Movers?

    There I was, standing at the foot of my unmade bed on a hot August Nevada day, barely covered in lace and roses bra and panties, short skirt and [...]
  • Sexual Awakening and the Wave of Consciousness

    As the wave of consciousness washes over us, people worldwide are finding my private 3-day Immersions as well as the workshops, the webinars, the [...]
  • Feu d'artifice coeur et reflets

    One Taste, or Many Tastes?

    I recently had the privilege of teaching a class to 130 students at the One Taste organization in San Francisco. Their primary practice is called [...]
  • Sensual Sexual Meditation

    Sensual/Sexual Meditation Practice One only reaches a state of meditation for brief periods, if at all, as the mind will want you to notice that [...]
  • Moonscape_scenic_landscape

    Sacred Vows: A Marriage to my Own Soul

    Within your own imagination is your potential to merge with HER... or rather YOU... your Divine Goddess... your True Nature. SHE is the inner [...]
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    Queen for a Day

    by Caroline Muir Click… click… click-click-click… the high speed Nikon seemed to have a mind of its own. The woman behind the power has her [...]