• Mask Face

    Boy, Was My Face Red!

    As I prepare to go “public” in a whole new way, promoting my new online program, I’ve struggled with my self-confidence. My face and skin wear [...]
  • Heart Surgeon_edited-1

    The Vast Heart of Love

    "If you're really listening, if you're awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to [...]
  • Swans

    Aging and Sexuality – Making Adjustments

    Love and sex go together like birds of a feather… but when it comes to mid-life, ageless women may have to adjust their expectations in order to [...]
  • full-58590_1280-1

    How Human am I?

    Direct from the desk of Caroline here in Genoa, Nevada, where Fall looks like clear sunny days with cool crisp nights; winds blow and move the [...]
  • Goddess Fire


    A manifesto is a declaration of beliefs or philosophy. I have written a Woman–ifesto below that expresses a platform for my feminine soul. I [...]
  • face-881407_1280

    Divine Feminine Pioneers

    I have fantastic news, my friend. Something so profound and yet totally expected is appearing before my eyes. Since the Divine Feminine [...]
  • woman-mirror-nature

    Oh, the Courage it Takes!

    I am witnessing women coming forward with unparalleled courage… to give birth to themselves. At every age they are arriving at my doorstep, [...]
  • tiara-715797_1280

    Leaving a Queen’s Legacy

    As I reflect back over the past three decades, I feel so much gratitude for the education and transformation I’ve had the privilege and [...]
  • yoga-628111_1280

    The Sexiest Yoga Practices Ever

      I’m going to share with you my personal practices… the ones that keep me young, flexible, and sexually alive. Are you [...]
  • sunset-142698_1280

    Immerse into the depths of YOU!

    Some words suddenly become popular that have been dormant or seldom used in modern language. For reasons having to do with what is needed or [...]
  • eye-111854_1280

    Peering in the Mirror of “Marketing”

    Dearest Friend, I am delighted (and a bit cautious) to include you in a big step I have made recently as a commitment to my work in the area [...]