Damned if we do, damned if we don’t? Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this post, it lays the foundation for this conversation. You can read it here.


mature-woman-850600_1920If you are a woman over 50, how are you presenting yourself to the world? As a sexless granny? Or as the amazing, beautiful, sexy woman that you inherently are? It doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you are, or how many wrinkles you have. Your life force moves within you as much as you allow it until the day you leave this earthly plane.


We KNOW that older women hold the wisdom of life experience and the fire of deep pleasure within them. I can hardly think of anything more toxic to our feminine power than to deny who we really are! This kind of sexist stereotyping can lock women into a deep hunger that they have little permission to explore or satisfy. It’s time to get real.


Mature women who hide their essential feminine core are only pretending… as if there is something wrong with being fully alive. Who are you protecting? Your sons? Your reputation? This is something that may have been passed down from your own mother. And to her from her mother. It’s time for the old paradigm to shift. Let go of what no longer serves you! It’s time to be ALL that you truly are as a woman and a sexual, sensual being!


Please, share your feelings and thoughts about this topic. It’s VERY important and very much “up” right now in our culture.

Big Love, Caroline

8 thoughts on “Damned if we do, damned if we don’t? Part 2”

  1. Oh sister….u tell it like it is….that’s what I love about u…I am turning 62 this month…I desire more authentic seasoned goddesses 2 walk the path with…we r the new pioneers of the ageless revolution Dr. Christine Northrup talks about! I wave my flag proudly…how about you??

  2. Caroline, thank you. I am a 64 year old woman who had been out of relationship for some years …. perhaps 9. ALTHOUGH I was not asexual, since I still had a lively experience with myself. I recently had a very lovely, embodied, erotic (though short term) relationship with a man and I felt more impowered and alive than ever. Here is to talking about continued sexuality as we age! Thank you thank you.

    • Beautiful. You’re an inspiration. I too have been out of relationship the last five years and a non-sexual relationship for nine years before that with my now ex-husband. However, now at 63 I feel more alive and sexual and juicy than ever. I am open to relationship but needed to spend time to learn love of self…in all ways. I love this conversation.

  3. Dearest Caroline,
    Boy- has this been a year of awakening and rebirthing- At 61, and fully involved in the world of Sacred Sexuality, I have been called to my highest ground to allow transformation, ONCE AGAIN.

    You were there as a thread since the 90’s. I thought of you lately, much, recalling conversation about aging as sexual beings.

    As an newly single, (after 8 years), sensually awake woman, I can say there are still so many things to learn. And the Biggest one right now is how liberating is feels to be seen, in my triumphs and challenges, by my children, as they mature, as a fully sexual, emotional human, and being valued by them.

    Big Wow- I feel in full permission to use all my wisdom and experience to model becoming fully alive, awake and valued. To love who I truly am, now. How great is that??

    I am proud and very grateful to be part of this conversation, learning from one another, and sharing between the generations

    Being a wise woman really rocks. Thank you- for trailblazing. I add my flag to yours!

    Loving you-
    Judith Shivani

  4. I turn 55 this year and stepped up in a big way into the spotlight talking about, completely enjoying and embracing my Sensuality and Sexuality … I know this is only the beginning. My libido is off the scale!

    Although I have always been like this, it has been a natural progression letting out and opening up a little more year on year since my late 30’s.

    What I love is the encouragement and endorsements for what I am doing from women and men around the world.

    Ever grateful to have you dear Caroline to emulate and look to as what I can be. Thank you for opening me to your world with grace and beauty.

    I look forward to your emails with the next instalment on this delicious life adventure :-).

  5. With a beautiful head of sexy, salt and pepper loose curls I am having the time of my life because while naturally allowing who I am to come out it encourages other women who come to the Chanel counter for skin care and make-up. <3

  6. So very true……passed down from my mother and when I tap into this my whole family wants nothing more than to make it go away. I do worry about my reputation living in such a small town(growing up here) and protecting my children from nasty rumors. This is so true and I’m paying dearly for all of this in my body, etc Please share more on how to navigate these waters and how to prosper from my gifts as my finances are suffering. Blessings

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