Divine Feminine Pioneers

face-881407_1280I have fantastic news, my friend. Something so profound and yet totally expected is appearing before my eyes.

Since the Divine Feminine Institute closed its doors-without-walls in 2012, I have soul-searched for the next solution for transmitting my wisdom and knowledge out to the people of this world. Specifically, how my Tantric knowledge and understanding of sacred sexual awakening and healing would continue.

I continue to move toward that which is moving toward me. Women, and the men who love them, are stepping forward. Rather, they are leaping forward and upward at every age… singles and couples… the stunningly intelligent, educated, and wise women from distant countries like Africa and Lithuania, Belgium and Russia. And, ironically, women from Wisconsin… not just California.

These Pioneers deserve a bow! They have found me and others who are paving the way for a more conscious and loving planet so that they can further educate themselves beyond their graduate degrees from top schools. I know that Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra Yoga is continuing to fill workshops and teacher trainings with people from all over the world. Now I am seeing their migration to my home, and to the private work and teaching I provide during my three day Immersions for women and couples.

I speak to their courage. I celebrate their sensitivity to listen to the call of their own sexual souls. Their sacred space, YONI, that is the source of life in women, is calling out in cries that speak their truth. In these brave and inspiring pioneers of the Divine Feminine and all that SHE commands, I feel the breakthroughs reverberating across land and sea.

We cannot be held back. We cannot be tied down. We are willing to give our sexuality, however loud or quiet it is, a chance to claim total authenticity. I read their emails and I hear them say, “I want to claim my birthright, Caroline, of radiant vitality. I want to understand my body and listen to its subtle nuances. I have been living in a masculine world. I want to know the deeper meaning of the feminine.”

The time for women to wake up is at hand. The cosmic command is aligning with Mother Earth, erupting in volcanic explosions of orgasmic intensity to, in one word,



Big Love, Caroline

5 thoughts on “Divine Feminine Pioneers”

  1. This is totally awesome! I can feel our feminine energy getting stronger and stronger. At times I must admit it makes me feel a little scared? Then I realize that is natural with any thing new. When I read your latest post, I feel encouraged and inspired. I am so done with men that feel intimated by my desires. Looking forward to the next phase of life with a skillful masterful lover that will not be satisfied so easily, Sending out a message to the universe today hoping that I will cross paths with one of Charles graduates…Tee ..he..hee 🙂 Much love XO

  2. Mahalo, goddess Caroline! Since the Goddess touched me with her energy and infused my entire being with Herself, my life has changed dramatically. I had formerly been a tantric dakini, had three wonderful lovers, and thought of myself as a contented woman. Now, I’ve met my soulmate (a true Goddess-worshipper), and am about to embark upon our new life together. My advice to women, as a 70-year-old with her first Brazilian: do not waste any of your precious time on any man who does not worship the Goddess (you).

  3. These are exciting times for sure. I love seeing more and more women being the love they are and raising the levels of awareness all over the world. I love who I am and sharing the wisdom I have gained through Tantra and all other life experiences. Thanks so much for all you be and share Caroline. Love you, Iolani Deva

  4. Thank you for showing the way. I want to get to know my feminine sexuality be wholeness. I didn’t get it in youth. All there was was the msculine model! Love, Betty

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