Embodiment of a Tantra Goddess

The process of designing and creating a new website with my team inspired me to have a new photo shoot as outlined in my last blog post. That led me to thinking about my professional presentation and all the ways in which I take great care of myself.

I did a double-take when, as if reading my mind, my beloved sweetheart innocently asked the inquiring question: “How many technicians does it take to Service a Queen?” Why, I had never counted!

I pondered this at length. “Service a Queen” became, in my own words, “maintain this divinely feminine woman,” so I began working on my list. No doubt some have faded into obscurity but this is pretty close to what fills my appointment book each month and year along with Private Immersions, teaching Interviews, seminars and workshops, travel, and of course, a wonderful relationship.

These are my precious, non-negotiable “services”!

Virtual Assistant/Business Manager

Hair (monthly)

Nails (bi-monthly)

Massage (monthly)

Reflexology (monthly)

Internist (quarterly)

Dermatology (semi-annually)

Dentist (semi-annually)

Esthetician – a person who is knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art (monthly)

Trainer/Gym & walks outdoors (3x per week)

Chiropractor (monthly)

Cranial/Sacral Therapist (monthly)

I do have a great attitude that I want do pass on to you and to my students that I embody myself… Yep!

Embody Your Ecstasy! Embody your Tantra Goddess!

I once thought it was the wealthy and retired who have time for all of these “services,” but I find myself falling into the category of non-retired with a business in which I report profits and losses to the IRS… like you I imagine? And I live within the same allotment of hours per day and week as you… I imagine? And I love and need my beauty sleep… like you, I imagine?

This is in addition to my quiet down time doing yoga, self-pleasuring, the preparation of meals, and meaningful conversation with my partner/sweetheart. Or a regenerative nap, often laying on a massage table on my BioMat, above it all in my healing sanctuary at home.

How might I make time to write another book? I am feeling the need and desire to record forevermore the stories and the experiences I have in the private sessions that involve Sexual Awakening and Healing and Tantra for Women. I’m educating people who are aware that life could be more meaningful if they knew more about their sexuality and patterns of intimacy or the fear or lack of it. I rejoice in transformation, but I cannot tell ALL of the stories here in these Blogs… and, of course, I would never mention names as I have great respect for everyone’s privacy.

I publicly admit that another book is on my horizon… something like “Remarkable Women I have Known and Loved.” It will be an easy read containing stories I have heard and transformations I have witnessed. What drove me to write Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening, was the driving passion to remember my life before I forgot too much of it. Now I want you to know about these lives I have touched and the courage of women of every age to take on their Awakening into their Birthright of Pleasure.

If you are curious to know more, there are numerous free resources on my brand new website.

I would like to know, in the comments below: How do you embody your Tantra God or Goddess?

Into the Mystery, Caroline

5 thoughts on “Embodiment of a Tantra Goddess”

  1. If I don’t create experiences that make me feel taken care of, I find myself feeling jealous of my clients…so I replenish in many of the same ways you mentioned, with the addition of fresh squeezed juices from my local juice bar. Cheers!

  2. Caroline, thank you for sharing what it takes to care for your gorgeous goddess. Your new website looks wonderful and so inviting. Really love those new photos!
    I begin each morning with an invocation/prayer to my body, followed by a “shake” session, a “slapping” session and then some Chi Gong movements to acknowledge and bless all 6 directions of my body.
    Tantric Dance (3x week)
    Pilates (2x week)
    Massage (monthly)
    Hugs from my sweetheart (Every. Single. Day)***
    And many other modalities that I call upon as needed (chiropractic, acupuncturist, body work).

  3. Hi Caroline! It is because of you and the other teachers back in 2005 to 2007 that I even know how to embody my Tantra Goddess. I am grateful to you! Your teachings have stayed with me for many years! I call Self Ah and the Taoist practices a form a Vibrational Nourishment. I tell women when I am teaching that I touch myself ALOT but not in the way they may think. lol I always have my hands on my heart, belly or ovaries, (even my kidneys) blessing them with kind regard. My hands have been my own sensual, grounding, calming healers. Making this part of my daily life (and connecting to myself in this sensual, nurturing and self-affirming way) has been the ultimate for me to embody my Tantra Goddess. 🙂

  4. I was just wondering last night in the bathtub about this, how do I best take care of myself in a way that supports my divine feminine? I am 47, left a 7 year relationship a little over two months ago which was mostly non-sexual, more like brother/sister or mother/child. Then came off that extra 20lbs, by listening to what my body wants to eat and do. Now I exercise several times a week with walks, running, and some yoga.
    I then asked Maui for a lover almost a month ago now, and a beautiful, bright, clear 35yr soul appeared, giving me great tantric pleasure for a couple of days, then he left for the mainland. The longing that arose afterwards has been my path of transformation in integrating my masculine and feminine within, who needs space to heal, time to cry, and alone time. Being very social in nature, the alone time can be the most challenging for me, but necessary…

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