First Ladies and Feminine Essence

melania-trump-sexy-picture-donald-trump-wifeWhat moves the wife of an elected President, when overnight she becomes the “First Lady” of the nation? Where and when does the wisdom and the deep nurturing of the feminine show itself in our nation’s presidential partnership? This is a question that remains unanswered. Beneath her new designer closet and the “role” she must play, where does she bathe in deeper waters? From where does she sip her deeper nourishment? I’m not sure we will get to know these answers, but I can’t help but wonder…..

Cries of Conflict

I am aware of the tremendous cries of conflict coming from so many about the outcome of this election… an election that has owned our attention in the comfort of our homes now for some time. People are challenged by their beliefs and hopes for a better future, believing in one woman or one man to provide the magic carpet that we will ride toward the end of our troubles.

The numbers of lonely or unhappy people or simply people who are a-lone and too broke to be happy is on the rise. The worry, opinions, and despair that sweeps the land  is captured in the media, yet I continue to experience my surroundings as gentle and sane. I am very blessed. Not all are as blessed as I. Perhaps that is how it is meant to be. Without contrast we would all be the same.

More Contrast

I just returned from a few days in San Francisco, inspired by a conference I chose to attend sponsored by Katusa Research where I am being mentored in the investment opportunities within the natural resource sector. That translates as making money on the riches of mother Earth, which some would frown upon… understandably so!

I won’t defend that here, but will share the obvious contrast of seeing so many homeless living in doorways and in city parks while the “haves” stroll by in expensive suits on their way to five-star restaurants. Yet the City by the Bay appeared more glorious than ever! There is balance in that contrast and it feels like everyone has chosen their lot in life.

I Saw it Coming!

I knew for several weeks that Trump was going to surprise us all. I relaxed in front of the news, knowing it would all be okay. I just don’t trust the former Secretary of State even if she is a woman. The old guard needed to fall, and if pussy-grabbing financiers are to lead our country, there is one thing I do know: With just a little education and refinement, the world of women could be blessed by powerful men in rituals of AH (Awakening & Healing) practice!!!

And so I return to my meandering… what about those first ladies and how do they R E A L L Y feel, or do they even notice their feminine essence needs a recharge? We all do… as Sacred and Divine Femmes passionately believe. Would they stand up and howl along with us?

Who me? Policial?

I rarely dip a toe into the arena of political opinion. I remain focused on how love can grow and how healing can turn the tide of unhappiness and pain into a flowing river of hope. I am not known for speaking out about my opinions, preferences, or views concerning political issues or politicians or political parties. I don’t broadcast what I think about things I don’t fully understand. Leave me out of the arguments that ignore human kindness as the prevailing solution to many issues.

I don’t recognize my country when I allow outside views to be the camera that reflects reality. I accept that my country’s soul is in conflict. I don’t recognize dishonesty in order to claim power. I don’t recognize how power makes people say or do anything in order to have more of… what? More money? More Power?

Choose Love

We each make the choice to remain and grow in partnership and loving kindness… or not. I will continue to offer my time and wisdom in Private Immersions for women and couples, in Costa Rica with the Brand New Sacred Feminine Mystery School, and places yet to be determined. Regardless of what is going on in the land of my birth, I will continue to become someone with influence.

The First Lady Queen Caroleena in me is parting the waters of conflict toward a wake of consciousness rising. Will you join me?

Blessings Be Upon You,

Xoxo Caroline

12 thoughts on “First Ladies and Feminine Essence”

  1. Thank you from the deepest part of me, for this beautiful blog. I have been struggling ever since the election, witnessing such deep felt hatred, toward hatred! It wasn’t making sense to me, my heart ached for the depth of anger and depression people were expressing…and yet, why didn’t I feel those same emotions? I questioned whether or not I had truly evolved, or was I too complacent, or just ignorant? Your words fit me perfectly! Thank you for re-filling my heart and giving me strength to be nothing but my true self!
    With love and gratitude, Marne

  2. Hi, Caroline.
    I, a ‘mere male’, thank you for your thoughts and musings and for having both the courage and the compassion to post them. I have no argument with anything that you have written.

    Re the soon-to-be new first lady, I doubt that she will be much over-awed by being the wife of the ‘most powerful man in the world’. It was explained pretty well by Michael Douglas’ character in the movie, “American President”, in his speech to Annette Bening before she spent the night in his bed. (In spite of it being democrat-flavored, I LIKE that movie.)

    The role that she will now be required to fill as the First Lady may be another story but I think she has shown some interesting strengths during the election campaign.

    “With just a little education and refinement, the world of women could be blessed by powerful men in rituals of AH (Awakening & Healing) practice!!!”

    While I don’t claim to a ‘powerful’ man in the way that Donald will soon be, I nevertheless try to be the best MAN that I know how at all times. I have been engaged in various forms of alternative healing for over 40 years now as a hobby/passion in my spare time. Much of this work has been with women and much of that work has been with physically, emotionally and sexually abused women, women obviously carrying ‘battle scars’ and women who managed to keep their wounds rather more hidden.

    Two things have JUMPED out at me from this work. Those two things are shame and guilt, more often than not, both together. Much of the healing work that I have done with these women has been around helping them to see that there is nothing to be ashamed of in being over-powered and abused by someone who is both stronger and more aggressive than they are, someone whom they trusted and who obviously did not respect them or their trust.

    From the feedback that I have received, I suspect that I may have made some small beneficial difference in at least a few of their lives. If I have achieved that, I have at least paid for some of my ‘bed and board’ on this little lifeboat in space.

    IF I were a worrying man, I would be worried about the track that some so-called feminists are taking with their man-bashing and trying to feminize men and boys. The real issue here is that if they succeed, there will be a shortage of REAL men for REAL women to respond to, to look up to and to love and respect. Is that what these rabid feminists really want?

    I am not worried about it because I suspect that ‘somebody’ much smarter than either them or me is ‘ackshully’ running this 7.5-billion ringed circus that we call life and that there IS a plan, even if I can’t see it at the moment. In spite of all that I see around me from day to day, I still think that there IS a plan in action here ‘cos I also see various acts of love, compassion and heroism as well and these encourage me to keep on trying ‘cos, in seeing them, I KNOW that I am NOT alone.

    Please keep on being one of the courageous ones, at least as long as you feel it is worth it.

    Just my 0.02.

    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

    • Dear ‘mere male’… Thanks so much for your commitment to women who carry shame and blame and so deserve to feel loved and appreciated by a ‘mere male’ of conscious compassion. You are a Hero, Deas, and I hope to speak the Hero’s Language to you. In courageous partnership, Caroline

  3. Gosh, I may be British, but I have not felt such a warmth flow through me in a long time (as we have endured Brexit recently). You are my inspiration Caroline as my own business continues to develop to include Men under my new name of House of Feminine.

    Honoured, humbled, blessed to have you in my life.

    Thank you for such wise words, leading the way with grace as always.

    Much love, Rachel 🙂 xx

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