Here Is What Freedom From Doing Is and How It Changed My Life

After the challenges of the pandemic, the many shutdowns, the uncertainty, and the anxiety, I felt strongly that I needed a total reset. The message came to immerse myself in some all-encompassing loving kindness –  just for me.

I needed to find a place where I could pause in absolute stillness and step away from all my activity.

I felt an urgency for a full stop in order to have a complete restart, a rebirth. Dreaming of a complete break from my everyday life and all my routines, habits, thoughts, and emotions, I started my search for where to begin.

My vision was to have the total opposite of the all-inclusive resort vacation, where I would swim in the ocean, savor lots of fabulous food, and drink exotic drinks and wine.

I craved a place where I could do nothing! A place where I could breathe deep and let go. A place with no cooking, cleaning, shopping, or doing. I didn’t want to be coming or going. I wanted to be enveloped 24/7 in stillness and loving-kindness.

From deep in my spirit, I felt it was crucial to Stop All Doing. And for more than just a couple of days, please.

So I made the decision to sign up my partner and myself for an eight-day detox cleanse – at a luxury health spa in Costa Rica, Central America. Costa Rica is the neighboring country that is next door to my current home country Panama.

The spa program I signed up for was called The Naked Challenge. The challenge was that for eight days, we would be guided by an ayurvedic doctor who ran the health program at the retreat. He was a nutritional expert whom I nicknamed Dr. Happy.

For the eight days of the retreat, we would be living on juices and minimal food. We decided that surrendering to just being cared for was exactly what we both needed. 

Our days were impeccably orchestrated by Dr. Happy. We had nothing to prepare and nothing to worry about. Neither of us ever thought about what was next for the entire eight days! There was loving kindness and caring in abundance!

I can’t recall ever having so much freedom from doing!

This concept – Freedom from Doing – was key to my total restart and rebirth. That’s because I’m naturally a doer. I’m a provider – the chief cook and bottle washer. It is my nature to go, go, go!

The total freedom from doing was what gave my body, heart, and mind the space to completely power off. I pulled the plug on ALL my programs, mental projects, ideas, and regrets. The whole mechanism of me slowed to a stop!

That was the only way I could prepare for a rebirth and a restart with a clean, blank slate. I felt a lot like the Phoenix bird, who disappears completely in the flames only to rise again, a completely new creature, from the ashes.

My sole assignment for eight days was to take care of myself and rest. 

Every day we had TWO treatments in the spa, which was an easy walk from our room. I could feel my heart getting filled up with self-care.

The only other people we saw were the beautiful Costa Ricans who were looking after us. They had the warmest loving eyes and were always asking us if there was anything else they could do for us.

The truth is, this was a vacation from heaven. 

And I’ve taken lots of vacations. In fact, I lived a vacation life in Hawai’i for many years. But this was literally the vacation from heaven! The perfect reset.

For me, a reset means that I clean my body out as fully and as thoroughly as possible. So I can start over having fun again. I can start over with new ideas in the kitchen, using different foods and fresh ways to prepare them.

From there, I can move on to new ideas for my life expression. Perhaps discover innovative ways for me to share the work I love to do, all in the service of helping our beautiful planet have a great reset!

It was eight days of reflection – where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

In the course of our eight days, I contemplated my many years of gratifying work with people and realized as much as I love my work, I needed a good long break to recharge and restart.

I finally had time to reflect on the many months of quarantine, the self-isolating pandemic time, and the lessons learned. Eight days of doing nothing allowed me the luxury of time to think and to consider creative ways to navigate this new world that is opening before us.

This time of reflection confirmed that I still want to work with people. I have always loved working with women, couples, and men who are enthusiastic and committed to elevating their consciousness around their sexuality. Therefore, I never considered fully retiring from the work I love.

My work changed substantially during the pandemic. 

I gave very few in-person, up-close sessions. Instead, I had mostly Zoom sessions, WhatsApp video sessions, and regular phone conversations. I had many discovery calls from those who were ready to explore, which I always welcome and look forward to!

I found that these types of calls are easy to have, to and from Panama. We can connect no matter where you may be located. We can talk about what it would look like for us to work together, and we can discuss which options would be best for you, whether it’s working together in person, over Zoom or phone calls, or something else!

After my reset, I made the official announcement: I am back to work!

I was blessed in my reentry into the work I love by having the help of Sugandha. She is a fabulous woman I hired as my executive virtual assistant. I cannot imagine anyone else I would enjoy working with more in my new phase!

She has been the driving force in refreshing and rebuilding my website so that I am fully equipped to move into this new phase of working.

Once the new website was launched, I realized the time was right to take the reset vacation I have been telling you about here. I felt the importance of showing an abundance of loving kindness to myself and spending a chunk of my savings on a vacation that would provide me with deep, visceral memories that would stay with me for a long time once I returned home.

 There’s more of me now than ever before!

During my reset vacation, I visited deep dimensions inside of myself. I reconnected with parts of myself that I have always been passionate about: things like cleansing, eating a healthy diet, detoxing, doing yoga, and meditating.

During our time in Costa Rica, we weren’t sleeping that much. Instead, I would say we went deep into resting. It was more like meditating, except we were not sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat.

After our daily treatments, we would be curled up on our comfortable king-size bed, reveling in the bed’s soft, white sheets and the gorgeous view out the window.

Yes, I’m taking up this entire conversation to tell you about the fantastic experience I had in Costa Rica. 

It has been such a remarkable experience. I have only the deepest gratitude. And I know that you could have it too if you wanted it.

I invite you to join me in a deeper part of yourself so that we might contribute to the great reset that our world is going through.

I pray that you have a wonderful day.


Conversation with Caroline adaption and writing by Wordsmith – Peter D. Black

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