How Human am I?

full-58590_1280-1Direct from the desk of Caroline here in Genoa, Nevada, where Fall looks like clear sunny days with cool crisp nights; winds blow and move the trees like spooky movies on Halloween, and a silvery, fat moon hangs suspended in the night sky.

I am beginning to nest in hibernation as my birthday comes near. Slippers and wool socks adorn the floor under my desk. Cups of Earl Grey repeat themselves throughout the day as I think of you and seek refuge in knowing you are there. I am also here with you, as a Priestess of the Divine Feminine and a Tantra Goddess all rolled into one.

My humanness is yours to know more about. As 72 years marks my calendar and photos from old shoots pass over my monitor in the form of wallpaper, I see the passing of time. I feel, however, the surges of creativity increase along with the markers of aging to skin that knew years and years of baking in the sun. I don’t regret a moment of it! Life is still an adventure waiting to happen. The warmth and joy of a life filled with the elements of sun, air, water, and fire continues to heat my burners. I rock with nature and She rocks with me.

Current musings and inspirations…

*I love the youth emerging on Kickstarter and IndeGoGo even as I wonder where all the new ideas come from as well as the energy it takes to implement them.

*I am drawn to visit France where The Magdalene supposedly consorted with Jesus after he was crucified and resurrected to live as a man who loves his woman.

*I see the days when my sweetie and I will fly away to explore more vacations in far away places that inspire our hearts and minds and set them on fire. We are still so young it almost hurts! Our vitamin cupboard fills a space so large, and it is where we worship in gratitude morning and night on the health and vitality we feel. Will is devoted to the results of nutritional supplementation like I am devoted to the results of sensual wholeness and pleasure… a great team after 15 years!

It continues to feel very heartwarming as so many people contact me to work with them. I love private Immersions for women and couples as they allow for a deepening that cannot happen in groups.

I am writing my next digital book for Living a Turned On Life, an online course that will be launched to the world in April, 2016.

Stay tuned my darling, as this she-creature from a clear lagoon splashes her way to shore.

Yours very truly, Caroline

18 thoughts on “How Human am I?”

  1. Dearest Caroline! Your writing wrapped me in warmth this morning as I envisioned your lively, gorgeous face beaming across the electronic world right to me!!! Thank you for shining your light on the world as you continue to do! I am wishing you many days and nights of celebration as your birth day draws near. Know that you are in my heart! With love always, your Guardian Angel!

  2. Sweet Caroline, I want to thank you for your latest post, what a comfort it is for me to be reminded we are together. What a beautiful thought. I want to wish you a very enlightened and extra special Birthday that is over flowing with all the things that make you feel most divinely loved and may that feeling of bliss remain with you through out the years to come. Much love XO

  3. Caroline….you have the ability transport a person to a wonderful place of BE-ing. I can just taste the tea, feel the comfort, experience the bliss of the moment you describe. I want to be a part of that new course…’Living a Turned-on Life’. It was only since I purchased your DVD’s and book that I finally imerged from my cocoon of sexuality and have begun to transform into a goddess butterfly…I never knew my sexuality as I do now…I lived in fear of that sexual nature from childhood traumas but now I embrace all that I AM and I am loving this new me…as is my hubby…we have at last connected on that level of intimacy that we struggled to find for the last 19 years….what a blessing it is….I am so grateful and it as if the world has opened up and love just seems to flow freely from all sources….each day is a new beginning full of bright new blessings. I hope that you take that trip to France and many other beautiful places and that your Birthday is full of light, love and laughter, surprises and fun. May you share that special day with family and friends gathered around…and may the Divine Be-ing that you are always be a bright place to all who cross paths with you. Namaste

  4. A colorful picture, Lines. Your course title is enticing and can’t wait to hear more about it. May your birth day remind you of all the births that you have brought forth with the work you do. Vitamins, tea and warm wool socks make for some good copy.

  5. Beloved Caroline…. I finally picked your book off my book .shelf. It’s one of the few I took with me from my home in Carmel Valley. After 27 years I finally let it go and I live in Hidden Valley Lake near where Harbin Hot Springs used to be. We came thru the fires okay but many others did not. I would love to connect with you in person. Your book was so deep so real and full of so many beloveds. I am honored that you mention my contributions to your work and your wedding! If you want to chat and catch up you can reach me at or 707 701 1918. That would be a great blessing to me. Meanwhile HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Much love and many blessings… Sophia

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