Personal Reflections from Panama-My Year in Retrospect

Latin America feels pretty darn good!

I suppose I’m “semi-retired” now! I turn 75 years young on November 10, and I’m fine with celebrating aging in numbers as long as I don’t feel that number! Often, I feel 17… or 37… or 57… having no clue what 75 is supposed to feel like, so I just have fun with it.

I love my Birthday every year… I love the time of year in which I was born… I love celebrating myself, and hearing from others who celebrate me! Some might call me a narcissist… I call myself a Woman with Worth, with genuine self-respect as well as high regard for who I have become. And so I am!

New Home, New Country, New Language, New Life

2018 was the year I downsized from a sprawling Nevada home into a lovely two-bedroom apartment with high ceilings and a forty-foot terrace overlooking Panama City and Panama Bay. Actually, I never saw this coming! I have chosen quiet, peaceful, and beautiful country life for nearly fifty years. Remarkable how much I have changed to now be entirely happy with my new reality. I smile my way down the elevator every day as I roll my shopping cart two blocks to the greengrocer, FOODIES, stopping at the most glorious French Patisserie for an espresso and… well, what can allow myself to enjoy today?

In my fourth month of living in Latin American, I am most enthralled with Latin people…  and add to that the Spanish language. I admit to resistance when it comes to learning or being “in school,” but I am also one hundred percent passionate about speaking Spanish. This may take years, but I have years to devote to becoming fluent.

Restoring my Vitality and Decreasing Pain

I am also here in Latin America for alternative health care. My focus in that arena is the work of Dr. Neil Riordan and stem cells… often referred to as the New Medicine. In December I will receive four days of stem cell therapy, my body and blood being flooded with Mesencheymal and Golden stem cells. I was accepted by the stem cell institute here because of Osteoarthritis (bone-on-bone) in my knees… and asthma. My January Blog will give you a full report, but I suspect a miraculous reversal in my vitality, energy in general, and physical rewards such as much less pain and increased use of my knees and legs.

Catapulting my Work

My work is catapulting into its next phase now that I have joined with Amrita Grace as co-founder of the Sacred feminine Mystery School. Amrita is a first-class teacher of the Practice of AH. Her CSSE (Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator) Teacher Trainings are impeccable and her reputation is growing to reach the global community of women… women eager to teach the Practice of AH (Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®) so that the empowerment of women can spread like a jasmine-flower-vine covering a trellis with succulent beauty. Enjoy this link to a website recently created by one of our students in Europe!

My Private Work Continues in Panama

I recently had the privilege of sharing my private Immersion work with a woman from Peru who was with us last April in Maui. She gave herself a room in the JW Marriott Hotel right next to my apartment building, so I could “walk to work”!  This was her Retirement gift to herself after 38 years of service to the Central Bank of Lima. We laughed… we cried… we brought divine mother into a triad of healing and awakening during our four days of Sessions. She is still integrating so that we can share her testimonial with you accurately, as more than ever I realize how the Practice of AH is way beyond the average modality of healing… needing time to ground the results of the Practice into daily life.

Bienvenidos! I welcome you to visit Latin America, specifically Panama City, Panama. If you only come here to see the Panama Canal, that’s ok. But please do contact me if you want to claim more of your Birthright of Pleasure and Aliveness! Start by filling out a Discovery Session Application here.

Vaya con la Diosa (go with Goddess), Carolina

12 thoughts on “Personal Reflections from Panama-My Year in Retrospect”

  1. Caroline,
    What a beautiful gift you offer to the world. Blessings to you on your birthday! May this year bring your body profound healing to every cell of your body so you may fully dance as the goddess you are!
    Happy Birthday!
    With love ❤️

    • Thank you so much my dear Melina… sister from so many years and lifetimes ago!
      I am also with you as your journey onward and into all that you are meant to be…
      May La Diosa walk each step with you… xoxox Carolina

  2. I will be visiting Panama not far from Panama city for first week of the year.

    Any recommendations
    Also Malaria –whats the story with that there.
    Anita DeFrancesco
    Tantra Wisdom

    • Anita… I have yet to explore the Country outside of this City itself. It is outside the City where the World Health Organization warned of malaria, yellow fever, etc.
      It can’t hurt to be protected (also tetnus and Rabies) I had all innoculations. It’s wise to be wise~ Blessings…

    • Lew… you surface once again. I am pleased… and do hope you will visit Panama City one day. There are no words for how happy I am to have made this choice… no fires, no smoke, no Army, and a lot of Shakti to fill the air! Blessed Be with lots of hugs,

  3. Happy Birthday dear Kernie – where did the years go – I have a
    lifetime of memories of us thru different phases on our journey in life –

    -Hope to see you one day again –
    Love Babs

    • Babs! Bless you dear one for your birthday wishes… If you ever come near Panama City, I assure you this is a great place! We might just create more memories!!!
      Hugs and Love, Kernie Caroline

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