More Turned-On Than Ever!

LATOL New FBHello my friend,

I am filled with the intoxication of a summer picnic, cold watermelon and frozen yogurt pops on a beach with dearest friends.

I am pregnant with fulfillment. I am hungry for more…

Rapture is how being in love feels.
Ecstasy is the place where rapture lives!

Yes, I said that… and that is how I am feeling since the completion of my online course, Living A Turned-On Life. I have met and merged with the amazing women who committed to a program to learn the core of my teachings.

I define my teachings as a synthesis of the stepping-stones that I have landed on that fed me with transformation, radiant health, and a litany of tools with which to nourish my soul and spirit. Now I’ve had the opportunity to define those stepping stones so that women can learn and integrate such valuable pieces of life as loving men, being loved by men, being loved fully by themselves, sexual and orgasmic harnessing of the energy of Life… this is an education of the highest order!

Many of you will want to participate in this program the next time it is offered. I now have the confidence I never had about the value of what I know and how I am able to present it.

Please stay tuned to these divinely feminine insights as I begin to unfurl more of the mystery. I have had thoughts of creating a Living A Turned-On Life course for men, but as I look deeply at that, I believe that men primarily DO live a Turned-On Life. And we women can learn from you about that!!!

The antidote of Pro-Aging vs. Anti-Aging is one that captures my Shakti and passion. All we women need is a formula that informs accurately where the media does not. Having turned-on Health, turned-on Wealth, turned-on Pleasure, turned-on Treasure, turned-on kids and turned on days and nights is an inside job!

Attitude is Everything and Energy is Everywhere. So please stay with me for more turned on information that feeds your education and excites your taste buds!

Big Love, Caroline

How Turned-On would you like YOUR life to be? Please share in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “More Turned-On Than Ever!”

  1. I wish to speak of Caroline’s authenticity of self.
    She does not even have to say a word when in her presence for osmosis soon to transmute this zest for life into others.
    Her aliveness, smile, voice permeates the air with turned on molecules for others to breath in. Believe me it transmits by phone, Skype or in person!
    It is because she is the real deal by living her life from deep experiential wisdom then sharing it to the lucky ones who sign up for her classes.
    I have been a student of Caroline’s for many years and she never ceases to amaze in her transmission and devotedness for women and men to wake up to there own aliveness and their own unique way of expressing it.
    Her genuine desire for helping healing for others arises out of her own experiences and the wisdom gleaned from them.
    She is consistent and accessible to share her own deep truths and best of all her infectious joy and compassion.
    A real treasure on this earth.
    If you are contemplating the next class, run don’t walk to sign up. It will be one of those times you were so glad you listened to that inner prompting, trusted and took the leap to your next level of healing to aliveness!!!!
    Blessings of abundant joy!
    Lily Lash

    • Thank you for that gorgeous testimonial, Lily. I couldn’t agree with you more. Big hugs and much love, Amrita

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