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Panama momentI have always loved the view from the top. As a child in Kansas, it meant the top of the big old apple tree in our backyard. In New York City during my 20’s, it meant the view from the top of the Empire State Building. In my 30’s, it was the view from the top of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado… in my 40’s and 50’s in Maui, the view of Forever as I gazed out to the never-ending Pacific Ocean of horizon and sky.

….and on and on until this became essential to my view of the world and of my life.

At the moment my view is from the top of Trump Ocean Tower in Panama City, Panama. Please don’t confuse this as my choice for our next President… the guy does build nice buildings, i.e. the one on Fifth Avenue in NYC and this 70-story hotel in the Republic of Panama overlooking Panama Bay and the Panama Canal. The 66th floor outdoor café is thrilling (especially when the lovely tropical rain falls)!

What does this have to do with the Divine Feminine and the Awakening of the Goddess… well, many things! I love to watch women… and I love to watch men watching women. It is a privilege and a study much like viewing fine art in the museums of the world. It teaches me so much about the masculine/feminine dance of awe-inspiring desire, sex appeal, and the longing to merge. I see the insatiable curiosity to touch, to reach for the scent of another, to capture a gaze… and yet there is the steady protection to withhold, to look down, to walk the other way.

Here, were I am one in a million with eyes as blue as the sky, I love to capture those gazes. They see me as a creature from another planet… a “gringo” from another land. I feel the energy to connect. I return that. And the spark is complete… I feel aroused by this ‘salsa’ energy. It’s alive as the Shakti of the Yoniverse, converging with the Universe at all times.

Panama_CityMy skin is soft as a ripe Mango. I feel reborn. It’s more than a vacation. This is a vacation with a purpose… to apply and acquire a Residency Visa from the Panamanian Government… to feel firsthand the air, the people, the sky, and the water… absorbing the elements of jungle and concrete as they meet in harmony with advancing economic sky-scraping technological reality. “Poof”… said the magic dragon. What is next?

I will be home in Nevada for another 11 months. I will move the Immersions for women and couples to a tropical hideaway once I find the perfect place for you to deepen into your own Mango skin! Stay tuned my dear ones… the magic dragon might find you next!

In the awesome spirit of adventure, Señora Caroleena

13 thoughts on “My View from the Top”

  1. Well…not a surprise that the softness and femininity of the tropics have, once again, delightfully captured you….and you them! A blessing for you BOTH! Thrilled for you Caroline! ⛱?☀️??

  2. I just love how you make things happen in your life, Caroline. Panama is sounding ideal for your re-entry into tropical paradise! The Blue Eyed Goddess arrives and shakes up Panama with her shakti! I’m in.

  3. Fabulous Caroline … suits you! Would love to visit you there. I too am planning my exit of UK to Spain where I so belong … I am so not British in my outlook and all my Spanish speaking, Salsa dancing friends tell me I am ideally suited to Spain … Andalucía in fact … my son and I are working together to be there in 18 months … sooner if possible. Selling furniture now! Feels soooo good to ‘let go’ and take action to a better suited life for me! (dreading the damp dark UK winter as usual; so not me!) This ‘moving country’ seems to be a ‘thing’ at the moment ….

  4. wow what i time in history. while i rad this blog post i also watch a show on tv about young girls and self harm. It is a polarising point of view, as older women we have so much wisdom and experience. While younger flounder and go astray. It breaks my heart, I want to have deeper knowledge and understanding of how to be free and empowered. I already know trust intuition.

  5. Loving You, Queenie! I was totally pulled in by your vivid and luscious descriptions! Many Blessings on your next Big Adventure! Let’s be sure to get the Family together at least one more time (at least) before the two of you take your fabulousness to Panama! Thank you for all that you are, Beautiful Reina Caroleeena!! xoxo <3

  6. It’s beautiful to find a new space in time and your heart for change and I so appreciate that you are bringing us along with you! I, too, am from Kansas and have traveled the world for six decades, experiencing the beauty of the Journey. However, one of my most adventurous Journeys has been awakened by you! Thank you! Ann

  7. You build it, we will come!! What an exciting time for you. I’m happy & excited for this new chapter in your life.
    Much LOVE & many HUGS to you !

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