Oh, the Courage it Takes!

woman-mirror-natureI am witnessing women coming forward with unparalleled courage… to give birth to themselves.

At every age they are arriving at my doorstep, intent on claiming their feminine birthright… the ownership of their Shakti. I am honored to shepherd them toward their goal. Women are getting the message that their time is now. Honestly, I am humbled by their forthright intent to do whatever it takes in order to not miss out on what is theirs to claim.

Skyrocketing levels of empowerment, self-esteem, acceptance of who they truly are. And perhaps at this point I will include myself… in who we truly are! For with each experience of women’s courage, mine is reactivated, infused, and channeled toward the explosion of feminine power… feminine knowing…feminine grace.

I cannot truly claim to be their mentor, for a higher force than myself is sending them on the gorgeous path to the abundant temple where the great Goddess dwells. In our oneness with Her, we relax further into the feminine mystery where we float and ride the current rather than laboring to swim upstream.

My schedule is booked solid through mid-September, and I’m taking bookings for the Divinely Feminine Experience for women and The Deepening Process for couples for the fall and early winter now. What is this, exactly? Find out more here for women and here for couples.

Are you ready?

5 thoughts on “Oh, the Courage it Takes!”

  1. Hi Caroline…where do you think the “rise of women” is going? I hear that as women take on more authority that they’re not “manning the ship” the way men have done for so long. What do you think the biggest change will be when women become in the majority in terms of power positions? Thanks! You are a treasure!

    • Dr. Leonard,

      I, too, wonder where ’the rise of women’ is going. Being integral during this phase of their rise, I am too close to the journey to know where it is taking us. We certainly will be “womaning the ship” as the balance of power shifts. The “Feminine”, even more than simply ‘women’, is becoming more deeply understood by all of us, but it certainly contains the warmth of intimacy, the nurturing grace of our nature and an element of softness as we rise in business, in love and in life. I can imagine looking out over this earthly domain from some outer star one day … seeing and feeling the blanket of feminine ‘power’. Then, and only then, will I truly be able to give you a clear answer!

      From one treasure to another, Caroline

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