On a Mission from Goddess

“When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” –Rumi


The moment in my life when my Mission revealed itself to me is a moment forever etched in my awareness. It was a stepping stone toward living a life with purpose, passion, and play, and it’s led me into my current dance with the divine feminine as She embodies Tantra. I call this my “Beloved Truth.”

If you haven’t found your Beloved Truth yet, you’ll know you’re there when you feel like a runner at top speed, feeling the endorphins will last forever. You’ll know it when you feel the “high” that comes with finally knowing what you were born to do.

It may take half a lifetime and it may change along the way, but every person on the planet has a Beloved Truth. A call to create or to serve, to inspire or to heal, to bring a great message or to simply receive what is offered.

It began for me when I married my beloved, because I married for a mission… one that I couldn’t name but was starved to obtain. At the core of this mission was love mixed with wanting to work for a bigger purpose that would help people have more fulfilling and happier lives, especially in relationship to their sexuality. And of course it had to begin by embracing the Beloved Truth in my own life.

What I know as “sex” has become an engagement far beyond orgasm, pleasure, release, or recreation.  I love the reference to Tantric sex as an art form for loving ourselves and another. I also love that the basic urge to merge is now enhanced by education, consciousness, and masterful meditations of awareness. I’m very proud to be a part of this movement.

Sexual loving and sexual organs are returning to their rightful places, on the altars of awareness in men and women across the globe. Though it would seem internet “porn” still rules in first place, as the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey reveals, I am confident that sexual consciousness is rising!

Have you discovered your Beloved Truth? Or do you still yearn for it? Please share in the comments below.

With love from the many-faceted soul of a pleasure professional, sexual healer, and goddess of love, Caroline

12 thoughts on “On a Mission from Goddess”

  1. “The return of our sexual loving and sexual organs to their rightful place on the altars of awareness!” That, sweet sister, is potent. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being such an illumination for me as I step so fully into the Dakini path. My passion and purpose are in alignment, and I can feel the pulse of love flowing through me. Bless you!

  2. I adore this. The search for the beloved truth is a lifelong process of the universe revealing herself through you in leaps and bounds, sometimes with careful steps, and often many stumbles; but how beautiful to walk this path with others like you who give so much beauty and meaning to our world.


  3. Thank you Caroline, it brings about another level of awareness that I have been kind of in a cocoon floating the last two years since she died. Acknowledging the path of nursing and caring for my mother to live with loving dignity and eventually to cross over to the other side. I realized how that looked…… an AH “session” practically every day it seems towards the end. And then to use the love and awareness to button up the details of her life and letting go of material possessions, car, home, bank accounts in the year to follow. And just today I am writing the last of her estate to my siblings. Only in retrospect can I look to see how much that took to give, to be that caretaker, the one who stood guard, who advocated for someone else. A triad of giving, receiving and holding space along with the unwavering support of my husband, Steven.. I dealt with feeling alone, bitterness, burdened at times to deep love beyond my imaginings. Very very sensual on every level. Now I’m wondering what is next in my discovering a Beloved Truth. Advocating for those that want to see that they too are loved and worthy of support while they discover from within how precious they truly are? that includes me as I am now discovering at a whole new level.! Go figure. I wish to pass this on. Thanks for your thought provoking commentary! You rock! All my love and respect, your Lily

  4. Yearning to know my purpose and “place” is a beautiful thing. I have excitement in feeling where I could go . . . What I could be. I’m growing wiser everyday. The moment is near.

  5. We are kindred spirits.. I used to do those parties and discovered I have a love for discussing and teaching the truth about sexual pleasure and that there’s no sin in sensuality. So many women haven’t learned or are afraid.. I thought about you today and I’ve been writing/blogging more and I’m in a place of contemplation on how to get on track. I appreciate this call to respond.. I appreciate your art & your heart. Many blessings!

  6. Dearest Beauties… one and all. Thank you for your comments, soul-stirrings, and transparent sharings. As a sister departs today from her 3 day Immersion, I am aware of the deep flow of my beloved truth continuing to express itself within the reality of my Life.
    I am deeply touched by how you acknowledge the inspiration you receive from my out-pourings. Always more… and more… and more…. xoxoxox Caroline

  7. The deep flow of my beloved Truth I discovered through this work is that sexual loving and sexual organs are returning to their rightful places, on the altars of healing through sexual ecstasy for all men and women. When I am running my yoni shakti energy through the brain and the nervous system of a cancer patient and her asking me why her body was feeling so alive, I know my passion an purpose are in alignment. Thank you for building the temple of Truth and Bliss where we can enter an learn. Love

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