One Taste, or Many Tastes?

Feu d'artifice coeur et refletsI recently had the privilege of teaching a class to 130 students at the One Taste organization in San Francisco. Their primary practice is called “OM” (as in Orgasmic Meditation), or Slow Sex as I understand it from their material. Those who OM love it as a path and a practice just as those who practice Tantra love Tantra as their path and practice.

I had the opportunity to experience an entry-level OM in the form of 15 minute receiving session from a perfect stranger who was recommended by a friend. I felt relaxed and safe, and what I received was a very honorable and delicately offered massage to the upper left quadrant of my clitoris after the hood had been softly rolled back.

This being my first OM, obviously I was a novice. I was instructed to simply lay back, close my eyes, and allow something or nothing to happen. I was not to reach out and touch the man who gave to me, or to try to become aroused… or not. He told me after looking at his watch when the 13-minute mark had been reached, and that we had 2 more minutes before completion of the session. That was the extent of our conversation. I felt open, relaxed, and rested as he wiped the lube from my yoni. I put my panties and skirt back on as he straightened up the sheet and folded the towel, putting his things away in his pack. We embraced and I walked him to the front door and we said farewell… “It was lovely to meet you!”

Astonished? I was! I am told this is such a popular practice that  thousands of people are “OMing.” At lunch hour, before dinner, or anytime one can arrange for a 15 minute OMing session. The rules of OMing are that the man must travel to the woman’s address, he must not charge her for his time, and he must ideally enjoy and receive as much as she does.

I welcomed the opportunity to share my mastery of Sacred Spot Massage and Sexual Awakening and Healing (AH) to the One Taste Orgasmic Mastery students. What I noticed among some of the students at One Taste was that they have their One God (OMing) and were not so open to my offering of sacred spot massage practice with its requirements of eyes open, making sounds, and deep breathing; or to learning the healing modalities of internal massage for both men and women as a Tantric practice. Many others waited in line to thank me as we ended the class, tears obviously streaming down the cheeks of grateful students.

I love the opportunity to weave knowledge and share it with eager minds and hearts. As I walked away feeling an uneasy sensation in my belly, I began to look back in history at the never-ending religious wars–the “my God is better than your God” way of reaching for the same Light. In this case, a similar desire for pleasure and awakening.

I am aware that Tantra is tribal. Tantra is a Yoga that is several thousand years old, a study and practice that has surfaced in modern times as a result of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.  It is a guide for lovers of love. It has many tastes and many gods (as the Hindu pantheon has many gods and goddesses). And yet, I admit to how simple those 15 minutes were, alone with a stranger I chose to trust with a very intimate part of me. Is it only in America that we are too busy to make love an art form?

I wonder… and I love you!

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  1. Always Caroline, thank you for your work. I like how things are presented in the Pleasure Tribe – it is a combination. As for one better than the other, true it is a path and I hope I am not doing the One Way thing with Tantra but I am becoming to know the depth of Tantra and believe that if that were practiced throughout the world, we would be in a better place. It brings tears to my eyes the new awakenings in me from the core of Tantra as I am learning it especially from you book – Tantra: The Conscious Art of Loving. I am trying to expand that flow of loving energy throughout my life..

  2. Your ‘Om’ experience sounds pleasant, yet somewhat clinical. I’d personally choose love infused intimacy over a ‘quick lunch break fix’. However, I do consider the concept of ‘slow sex’ to be a positive offering to the Californian consciousness in relation to the topic of sexuality.

  3. Dear Caroline,

    It usually takes time for maturity to strike, or rather, experience to have its opportunities … Love how we age, learn, love and share. You are a very special being and time is art! No wonder, there’s so little room for love.

    Malu Moreira
    SP Brasil

  4. it is wonderful to “hear” your voice again. My selfish question is
    1) when are you coming to New York again, please?!
    2) is such an owing practice available here that you know is reputable ?

    with much love’anoek

    • Yes. Try googling One Taste or perhaps attend a Turn On event (no OMing) but a way to learn more about the practice and connect. They have weekly TurnOns in Manhattan and Brooklyn and monthly How to OM classes.

  5. Thank you so much for writing this and for teaching us as part of our Mastery course. It was such a pleasure to learn from you. I have tried the practice once again that you taught us and will continue to do so. I OM every day now and am so grateful for the thawing of my heart and body, my growth and that of the men and women I OM with, and for all this amazing work that restores our genitals to us after centuries of denigration and denial. May the healing continue!

  6. Hi Caroline
    I have been receiving emails from OWning groups. I was unsure if I was interested or trusted. Your review is soooo helpful! Thank you!
    As I work with many people doing psychotherapy, I have the opportunity to share Tantrum information. Now, I will pursue what I can, of this. Perhaps, there is study in TX.
    I think of you and the community, with warmest feelings, often.
    Much love!

  7. Dear Caroline,
    This is amazingly insightful: “As I walked away feeling an uneasy sensation in my belly, I began to look back in history at the never-ending religious wars–the “my God is better than your God” way of reaching for the same Light. In this case, a similar desire for pleasure and awakening.”

    If we can get it, be fully open, accepting and allowing of all that is good and gracious, we will achieve our perfect oneness. I am happy there were those who saw that many paths can lead to the same destination.

  8. Thank you for your innate wisdom Caroline ….

    As a member of Kristin’s Pleasure Tribe and having had the most Tantric of relationships with my ex (even though we had no words for what we were doing …. I do now!), this resonates with me as an entrepreneur whose mind is open to many things/experiences.

    Many people feel obliged to practice one thing and become fully engrossed in that ‘community’ to the point of shutting out many other beautiful experiences in life, usually out of fear …. and sometimes obligation. I see it all of the time in all the different facets of my life (Business, Finance, Wealth, Health, Fitness and Dance).

    But also there is an underlying current to what you have said which I see particularly in the Fitness world – “a quick fix” …. time strapped people want this and yet waste hours in front of the TV! Personally, I would rather exercise, play sport, dance and practice Tantra in many forms, than watch TV!

    In fact I would rather spend hours in the bedroom than kitchen (and I do love to cook!) My living room is for music and dancing, with occasional TV!

    I love to make passionate love, so Tantra sits well for me, but I have also begun OM’ing. Everything has a purpose at different times; I am hungry to learn everything and practice and practice and practice …. just need a new partner who’s libido is as high as mine and is also interested in/on this fabulous adventure, (shame my ex is so damaged and refuses help, we were soul mates and were on this path).

    Thank you for what you and Dawn so generously shared with us in PT – it has opened the doors for more types of exploration for me – I am embracing it all 🙂

  9. I’ve been OMing here in the community in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing practice, it has already helped me peel off many unnecessary layers and get more in touch with my desires, and also my ability to be assertive in my needs moving towards my desires. And setting boundaries!

    Sarah Supernova

  10. OMing, the practice of relaxing and receiving, displaying my naked “pussyoni”, with legs splayed wide open, has literally “opened” me up to Me! Surprisingly, I find myself saying Yes to new experiences that previously I would decline. Likewise, I now see an adept Adonis in all men… The Slow Sex Movement in its Quickie Container has catalyzed me being a truly Turned-On woman to my own life!

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