Peering in the Mirror of “Marketing”

Dearest Friend, eye-111854_1280

I am delighted (and a bit cautious) to include you in a big step I have made recently as a commitment to my work in the area of Conscious Loving, Tantra, and the Divine Feminine.

I’ve decided it’s time to update myself with an education in marketing. My private practice for women (Divinely Feminine Experience) and couples (The Deepening Process®) needs to become available to virtual and global students. I am welcoming the assignment of dissecting what it is that I do… what these practices are, and how they can be delineated and defined for the beginner’s mind and a wider audience. 

What was once an Institute for divine feminine education can no longer be contained within the walls and confines of an Institute. I feel deeply my success as an educator, practitioner and an author. I know that I have helped thousands, perhaps millions, of people interested in sensual/sexual advancement of a healing and spiritual nature. The conflictual or opposing energies for many around their passion for pleasure as it intersects with devotion to the divine deserves much more attention!

The word marketing carries a lot of baggage for people… much like the word advertising. I have previously agreed with opinions that you can’t market or advertise this ‘work’ of sexual healing and awakening… the Practice of AH, where sacred spot massage is only one tiny, yet huge, aspect of the Deepening Process of sexual healing. “How can you put a price on love?” some healers would ask. Love is priceless!

And so it is with new insight that I agree as to the value of love as the ‘carrier’ of the healing work. Those of you who offer this work… what is the magic that triggers emotional release powerful enough to transform a life? When clients articulate their gratitude after their sessions, I am aware that words are hard to come by that will adequately explain their depth of appreciation for this newfound freedom, this rebirth that many describe.

Divine Feminine Awakening opens a tall window on the view from above. Female sexual response, orgasm, desire, libido, mid-life and beyond are now receiving vast attention in the media and in the world of marketing. The light of consciousness is shining on the feminine now more than ever. It is shining on the wisdom women of advancing years and their eternal ability to know orgasmic and joyous pleasure while maintaining and increasing contact with their divine nature.

We are ‘marketing’ to the western woman and her sisters the world over. “Power to the She” is the subhead of a popular Fitness catalogue… even the Dali Lama is quoted as having said, “…the world will be saved by the western woman.” And in the film Dangerous Beauty, our heroine states,

I confess I find more ecstasy in passion than prayer… such passion IS prayer.

So tell me in the comments below… what would YOU like to learn from an online program of my creation?

Blessings of Passion and Prayer, Caroline

14 thoughts on “Peering in the Mirror of “Marketing””

  1. Congratulations on your new endeavor’s! I would say for me the magic that “triggers’ emotional release is in a word is Trust. For myself I would like you to share your deeper knowledge of how to achieve more intense climax when you have a tilted uterus and have had too much over sized medical equipment forced inside. Ways to over come the feelings that remain and always reappear of being violated while trying to enjoy any feelings of pleasure and maybe possibly address further ways to deal with painful vulva issues. All I know is if their is any woman that can bring about sexual healing and a higher deeper connection with God …it will be you. Sending you much love and light Caroline A.K.A. Queen of Hearts.

  2. Dearest Caroline,
    There is always more to learn. I would like to see you address emotional pain and how it relates to sexual issues.
    I have recently graduated myself from only clitoral orgasms to vaginal orgasms – hey! – but now I want to go further. I also have a hard time finding any man that matches these desires….
    I still have a lot of financial issues and hope that you can offer programs in the future that are affordable
    with love love

  3. Caroline, I don’t presently hear from Charles, and, as a man, am interested in learning your and his view of the male role in this process. That means both supporting my own anima blossoming and supporting women friends in my life, I imagine, cultural transformation and teaching about this myself. I’m a budding teacher. I’m presently single. Can you offer suggestions, or help me get on Charles’ contact list?
    I did hear from Mantak Chia that he did an event over in Thailand at Tao Garden w/ Master Chia, but I’d like something like what you’re offering here, webinars, a learn at home study and support. Please respond or have Charles do so. Thanks very much for all you do. Your own transformation has been great testimony to the importance of your work. Just to compare photo images of you as an early writer and now, today,
    Love, George

    • Dear George,
      You can find me at There you will find 80 u tubes and countless articles to start you on your Tantric path. The school has seminars coast to coast.

  4. Greetings Caroline,

    My name is Osunnike and I’m a priestess of the West African Goddess Osun. You may not remember me. We had a nice chat a couple of years ago. Wow! What you are saying really resonates because that is exactly where I am with my own healing practice. I am now looking at how to reach more women, and men in a way that REALLY serves the Sacred Feminine in a sacred way. Not just a commercial jump on the sacred sex deeper healing bandwagon.

    I would love to chat with you again if you are open. I too have to take this work further – only with authenticity and integrity.

  5. Caroline, it is a valuable ‘next step’ for you to bring your precious work to a global/virtual audience …. my man and I would very much appreciate guidance in taking our own special Tantra practice deeper; perhaps one day learn to teach others. So couples work would be wonderful for us. Tantra is relatively new to us, although our bodies were leading us not only towards it but also towards each other. We began OM’ing last year, which has proved to be excellent ‘foreplay’ for us. We are in the UK. 🙂

  6. thank you caroline for asking…for me i would be super interested in where to even begin with a tantric…and with all the consciousness pieces too …

    • Dear Kim… I recommend beginning your Tantric education with our book, Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving, and to attend a Beginner’s weekend listed at My memoir, Tantra Goddess, is a personal journey of sexual awakening from an early life of innocence and fear about my sexuality. Blessings on your path of exploration and awakening, Caroline

  7. Caroline,
    Congrats on branching into the online world more fully. What I would like to see is exercises for a daily solo practice, when one is without a partner. That is what is hardest for me, but I know it’s so beneficial… and certainly helps create/hold space for a new partner to come in. Thank you

    • Yes, I know of this importance, for even with a partner, we need to keep ourselves toned and alive! Without depending on the partner to take care of us.
      My own practice is on my yoga mat. Of course, it can be anywhere. I keep my crystal Wand ready, with lube. I intend to massage my sacred spot for the purpose of Aliveness.
      Not orgasm, Aliveness! I lubricate my Wand, insert it, and for ten minutes I creatively massage myself internally. I speak prayers of empowerment, of connection to the divine, and I hold to my schedule of 10 minutes. I laugh, I cry, and I release tension.
      I Thank God/Goddess for these minutes of connection, and end when the moment is right.
      This is a non-goal practice. It keeps my sacred spot alive and remembering my intention.
      I wash, smile, and end the practice!!!@
      Let me know what works for you.
      Much love,

  8. Hi Caroline, go for it you gorgeous woman. I’d love to hear your wise thoughts on monogamy and where that can take you. And just how to keep the fires burning in long term relationships. And I mean really burning. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the teachings and courses these days, and ways to have sex! I just want to go deeper, again and again, with myself and my partner. And also being OK with saying no sometimes without a tinge of guilt. I’d also love some info for younger women, my daughter is 22, with something she can digest, tat is grounded and meaningful, and not from her Mum!!
    Love Dee xX

    • Hello Dee,

      Please accept my full support in say “no”… or better yet… “no, thank you’!
      In long term relationships, the fires turn to embers, my dear. Within the embers are
      familiarity, comfort, friendship and commitment. These are your ‘turn-on’. These are
      HOT gifts!
      Your daughter… well, she must find her own way. She is in her ‘on fire’ years. Be an example of a learned, conscious woman, with education about sexual consciousness and sexual energy, i.e. Tantra! Let me know if I can be of any further help!
      xo Caroline

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