Queen for a Day

by Caroline Muir

Click… click… click-click-click… the high speed Nikon seemed to have a mind of its own. The woman behind the power has her own power… and a pretty big mind of her own!Wine and smile crop

“Time for new photos,” says I. What to wear? How’s my hair? You don’t know who I am in my new decade, the 8th one when you get past 70. “Wendy,” I request, “capture me in my ecstasy… as I am. Blow my mind right off… surprise the me who tries to stay in control… shove me outside my limits and dare me to let go for the camera. No posed studio portraits, please.”

And so we did… in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, The DeYoung Museum, the Botanical Gardens… a perfect day. As if I were carried by rickshaw through the gardens of Heaven, the photographer and our make-up artiste escorted me into the unknown. I surrendered… fully… and that is why it worked… in a very orgasmic and organic sort of way.

Glammie hands on legs cropI wish I could do this more often. My confrontation with my aging vanished with each “click” of the Nikon. Believing that I was being seen by the “Beholder” and not by the lame and shallow critic in me was a healing of the highest magnitude. WOMAN (and I am one) spends way too much time confined within the walls of self-doubt. My career as an author and an educator of the Tantric Arts has opened the door of that room and invited me to soar. And that includes my willingness to surrender to the huge power that is WOMAN… in her sexual/sensual in-to-me-see for the world to witness.

White hands on heart crop resizeWhen one of my dearest girlfriends suggested doing this photo-shoot herself to capture her unique ‘brand’ as a psychotherapist, the aperture in me clicked “Yes”!  I treasure how women are my guides into bigger and bigger places within myself, just as I treasure how the men in my life have urged me over and over into bigger adventure, something I have always craved. Show me! is the mantra for people from Missouri where I grew up.

I have been playing out Queen for a Day all of my life. Now my passion and purpose is Embody Your Ecstasy® as the Divine Feminine Awakens through my offerings. Join me!

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All my love… always, Queen for a Day


11 thoughts on “Queen for a Day”

  1. Caroline you too are my Queen, my Queen of everything Feminine.
    “… My confrontation with aging vanished with each click of the camera”. This is a good observation of the power of the camera. It draws up and out of us who we truly are. I love who you are Caroline in that 30th of the second persona. This is the same woman lodged in my heart for all time.

    Michael Kanouff

  2. Thank you Caroline for sharing. I am being married August 3rd and your post has inspired me to really let go and be who I am in front of the camera, ham it up and put it out there. Be the Queen I am, on that day and everyday! Love you.

  3. Caroline,

    You radiate beauty but not just the external beauty we can all see. The love and passion you have for others is captured too. Well done, Wendy. I’m so happy you took new photos to show the you of 2014! Much Love, Melissa

  4. Oh my goddess, you are so beautiful & juicy! I love you!
    Thank you for your courageous femininity & you huge open heart!
    I’m so inspired!

  5. Oh Caroline you are magnificent…so beautiful…absolutely timeless… I so enjoyed getting to see your beautiful photo’s.

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