Caroline Recommends These World-Class Educators

Amrita Grace – North Carolina

Amrita is the co-founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® and is the designated lineage holder for the Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing-AH® Practice developed by Caroline. She’s a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Certified Divine Feminine Educator, Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher, and Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator. An Ordained High Priestess since 2003, Amrita is the award-winning, bestselling author of Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness. Amrita offers workshops, online programs, and facilitator certification trainings for women across the globe.

Mary Campbell | 413-528-6633

Mary delights in life’s dance of intimacy and freedom. As an inter-spiritual minister and spiritual counselor, intimacy coach and tantric practitioner, she guides individuals and couples as they journey more deeply into connection with self, others and the sensual world. Teleclasses and private retreats based on Mary’s forthcoming book, Your Erotic Life, are available Fall-Spring. She hosts local women’s circles, community gatherings, and workshops.

Anna-Thea – Grass Valley, CA | 702-306-3984

Anna-Thea is an author and educator teaching women the art of self-love and emotional empowerment. She is dedicated to helping women live more confidently and speak authentically from their hearts. Anna-Thea wants to help you discover how beautiful your body is no matter what age, shape or size. You can access her courses at Her exclusive programs will inspire you and give you new perspectives on what it means to be a woman in our society today.

Camille McInerney – Incline Village, Nevada | 775-544-1333

Camille is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator through Source School of Tantra Yoga, a Spiritual Sexual Educator through the Divine Feminine Institute, teacher of Ananda Yoga and Meditation, and a Level 1 “Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga” Facilitator. She co-facilitates Source School of Tantra for Women Retreats with Leah Alchin.

Tamara Descoryphées – Maui, Hawaii

Tamara’s very essence is a unique combination of Mystic, High Priestess, Enchantress, and Adventure Guide; the embodiment of eternal and profound teachings from around the globe and from across many lifetimes. Tamara guides women in a sacred ritual to experience profound transformation and re-enter life with full embodiment. Tamara offers retreat facilitation, ongoing women’s circles, and private coaching for women and couples. Her specialty is creating customized Vision Quests to empower her clients to journey further into conscious pleasure, into playful transformation, and beyond that, into the uniquely gorgeous expressions of love and light that exists in their core essence.

Steven & Lily Lash

Steven and Lily are happy life partners offering healing sessions for singles or couples. Working with a long term committed couple can facilitate a profound integration of the masculine and feminine and a grounded container for transformation. Both are skilled Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators through Divine Feminine Institute, certified Kriya Yoga teachers, 4th level graduates of Ipsalu Tantra, Level 4 Teacher’s Training graduates with Source Tantra. Lily is a massage therapist and certified Sacred Space Practitioner.

Bella Mimma – Japan & Overseas

Bella offers sacred healing & guidance for women and couples leading you to a deeper connection to your sacred sexuality & sensuality – the place where spirituality merges towards self-love. She brings authenticity, tender nurturing, support and presence as you let go and feel your own energy expanding, becoming more of who you are. She is a Divine Feminine Institute Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (through Source School of Tantra Yoga), Movement Teacher, Prano Therapist, & Wellness & Lifestyle Coach.

Heather Nichols – Boulder, Seattle, and Worldwide

Heather’s unique Sexual Bodywork sessions draw on her 20 years of working with bodies through Somatic therapy, Trauma therapy, movement, energy work, Access Consciousness body processes, verbal facilitation, and Tantric bodywork/Sacred Spot and AH work.  This life-changing and intimate body work expands your sexualness & sexual aliveness, eliminates hidden areas of limitation in the body, and creates new possibilities for you as the space of orgasmic intimacy with you.

Virgil Cater – Portland, OR

As a Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Ambassador, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Certified Tantric Educator, and Shamanic Practitioner, Virgil offers a unique mix of different healing modalities which often lead to deep and rapid transformation. He is the founder and leader of Opening to Love in Portland Oregon and teaches groups as well as individuals and couples. His private sessions are highly intuitive, Spirit guided energy work. Each session is uniquely suited to the client’s needs in that moment.

Maya Dolena– Island of Hawaii & Maui

Maya offers sacred ceremony in celebration of the Divine Feminine and private consultation and coaching for activating and utilizing the Shakti energy. She also offers transformative and creative workshops for women’s leadership and empowerment on Pele’s Island.

Bonnie Raniewicz – Elmira, NY

Bonnie’s gentle compassionate style combined with her strong supportive energy will hold the safe space and container for your opening, healing and transformation. She will guide you to move forward, stay focused and make the right choices to heal past wounds and create the life you desire. She is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Relationship Coach, Crystal Energy Practitioner, Certified Psychic, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and Feng Shui Consultant.

Shinzo Fujimaki – Middletown, CA & Maui | 239-331-0011

Shinzo believes that learning to reawaken our ability to love and connect intimately with our partners is rooted in exploring the essence of who we are at our core; learning to trust ourselves enough to explore the parts of our inner selves that we ignore or suppress; our “shadow.” Shinzo’s classes help people learn to trust, honor and connect through the healing power of touch, blending Shiatsu, Aikido, Yoga, Qigong and Oriental Calligraphy.