Sacred Vows: A Marriage to my Own Soul

Perrault_Leon_Jean_Basile_Venus_A_La_Colombe Within your own imagination is your potential to merge with HER… or rather YOU… your Divine Goddess… your True Nature. SHE is the inner reflection of you divinely feminine soul.

She is known as “Lady in Red”… or “My Queen”… or “My Lady,” because you bow to her as your way-shower and your guide.  She’s however spritely or divinely you envision HER.

SHE is your best girlfriend… your closest confidant… your observer and your advisor.  She sits on your shoulder or she resides in the temple of your own heart… or both.

Our Divine Femininity is our planet’s savior! Is she Magdalene? The child of Magdalene and Jesus is love itself!

If you choose to marry your soul, you must find the Vows that enable you to speak ‘Goddess,’ not English.

You may choose to use my own Vows in Sacred Marriage to my Soul to guide you:

I VOW THAT … It is time… it’s time… to listen to you, Beloved.

It is time… it’s time… to follow the truth as you speak it to me.

It is time… to Embody the Feminine divine… as me!

It is time… to follow faithfully YOU, my Lady, who dwells as my soul.

It is time… to follow my commitment to dance with your flames, however hot they may be.

I am bathed in your love… I am warm and safe and protected.

I vow to risk ALL in service to you, holy Magdalene of all that you can be.

And then SHE whispers to me from my deepest yoni soul’s voice:

“TEACH AS ME… your feminine soul.
I lick you into full awareness.
My tongue drips nectar upon your lips.
Touch tongues with me and 
ignite the glory of Goddess Divine.
Translate the feminine divine soul
for your friends, family and students

Practice the howl of Ahhhhhhhh!!!
… igniting the sleeping soul of every woman’s wisdom.

SUCK my truth between pursed lips.
DRINK my sweet milk into every cell of your being.

YOU are wet with my love… my never-ending devotion



Moonscape_scenic_landscapeI hereby declare these vows through the light of the Full Moon, in whom dwells Mother Goddess who will never desert me.

Yours in eternal devotion…  

Glammie of the Tribe

Caroline Muir

Queen of All Things



4 thoughts on “Sacred Vows: A Marriage to my Own Soul”

  1. Their is such a huge space filled with so much gratitude in my heart and my spirit and my soul…a space that is over flowing with the deep love and ancient wisdom you have been so kind to have shared so generously with me and so many others. I feel God has answered my prayers. God has blessed me beyond words by allowing our paths to cross. I want to thank you with so much love for all you have given me….thank you for helping me get closer to healing …closer than I’ve ever been …thank you for helping me learn how to calm my trauma, thank you for sharing your beautiful vows. I am going to write my own vows and have a ceremony very soon too…it’s such a beautiful idea. Thank you dear Caroline…dear precious Queen…precious Queen of All Things! ( I think of you as Caroline…THE Queen of Hearts) Thank you.

  2. Blessed are your breasts and blessed your hips but even more blessed your courage
    to bring this forward for us. I am never looking at an ,,AH,, sound the same way….more so, it activates my Shakti and sends me down south and brings a smile to my lips…..eternal blessings Glammie Goddess !!

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