Sexual Awakening and the Wave of Consciousness

Yoga teacherAs the wave of consciousness washes over us, people worldwide are finding my private 3-day Immersions as well as the workshops, the webinars, the teachers, the books, and the trainings that fulfill their inquiry about sexual awakening, sexual healing, Tantra, and the divine feminine. My email inbox reveals daily surprises from friends whom I have yet to meet…. students whom I have yet to teach. My enthusiasm continues to escalate as my energy is fueled by these inquiries.

So what does this all mean? As a culture, we are expanding and awakening to more of our potential. This excites me, as I love my unknown potential also. Though daily life still has demands that are filled with details, I look upward toward the greater Yoniverse for guidance, understanding, and my role in the unfolding of a life meant for living.

Is your role in this expansive weaving clear to you? The women and men who practice loving themselves as an art form are the ones who appear to live more and more in alignment with the wave… of joy, fulfillment, and purpose. Loving yourself is not narcissism, but a positive statement that you are special and worthwhile. Many say it is easier to love others than to love oneself. We have been taught that “selfish” is self-centered and therefore not in alignment with the outdated rule that “it is better to give than to receive.”

Balance is the reward when that which goes out also returns; and when that which returns goes out again, just as the waves roll in and back out as I gaze at the shore of the great Sea. It is with sincere gratitude that I write you from my own Source after you have endured so many emails this year announcing this or that telesummit or retreat. Thank you for staying with me as I experimented with being part of so many community events this year!

I will be moving soon to another wonderful house in Genoa, Nevada, the oldest settlement in the state of Nevada, only 25 minutes from Lake Tahoe. For the next few weeks, I will be swamped in boxes and bubble wrap, remembering to read my writings about taking care of myself. My hair appointment is made and my massage appointment is on the calendar, so please stay tuned to how well I love myself during a time of stress!

May the rest of your summer wash you in warmth and play.

I always love hearing from you in the comments!

In gratitude,


5 thoughts on “Sexual Awakening and the Wave of Consciousness”

  1. May your moving house go smoothly and may your new home be an inspiration, Caroline.
    I am just starting on The Journey aged 53 but am filled with excitement and anticipation.
    With gratitiude and love from the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. (Let me know if you’re ever coming here!)
    Ruthie xx

    • YES, radiantly beautiful indeed! It’s with pleasure that I receive your email w/ news, and great yogini photo of yourself….and hear that you’re moving not too far from me in Santa Rosa. Maybe we’ll get to meet sometime, either in NV or somewhere in the S.F. Bay area. I wonder if you still “do” the solitary writer’s life……less so I would guess, from this photo.
      I still remember learning of “woundology” from you. :-), a concept I found helpful having been trained as a psychotherapist.

    • Wow, Such a nice serendipity I came upon your post today :). I am reading about the balance of yin and yang now :)… I was re-reading the Anatomy Of The Spirit by Caroline Myss (which I read first 2-3 years ago) yesterday and she had a wonderful discussion about the 3rd chakra, the journey to self-respect and self love as 4 stages of personal power (narcisim is the 3rd stage and personal power/individual evolution is the last)…
      I was also listing to self-compassion & self-friendship talk by Pema Chodron.
      Love is reciprocity and balance withing an without. Nothing is random…
      And I am listening to ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ for the 3rd time today (1st was when I finished Myss’ book :), now place the second time… talk about randomness and coincidences…

      You embrace all of this in your wonderful post!!! Singing lovingly Om Namah Shivaya and bowing to you for your wisdom and love!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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