Stem Cell Update from your Thought Leader

As promised, here are my honest insights since receiving 49 million Mesenchymal Stem Cells intravenously administered here in Panama City last year (December, 2018) at the renowned Stem Cell Institute.

Nine million of the stem cells were injected directly into my left knee, where the diagnosis of bone-on-bone osteoarthritis was given to me two years ago while still living in Nevada. “See you in a year or so for your knee replacement, Caroline,” said the doctor, smiling.

I was not smiling – I knew I would hate knee surgery – the risks as well as the weeks or months of healing. My body has communicated with me quite clearly… “Do not invade me!” Not everyone gets this message from their body, and I don’t expect you to do as I do.

Listen carefully, however, to what your body asks of you.

Would I buy more stem cells if I had disposable income right now? Yes! In a heart beat. Did the stem cells I had in December “work”? Now that is the million-dollar question, and yet I would answer, “Yes! They are working.”

Is this because I have no more problems or simply because I believe in them?

In short, I have not taken pain relief (NSAIDS) daily in six to eight weeks. I am taking, if I remember, a half dose of the asthma inhaler I was told I would need twice a day “for the rest of my life.”

Ohhhh … and my psoriasis on my scalp is 95% gone! After reading on the web that it is a condition that cannot be healed.

Did the stem cells work?  Hmmmm…

Another BIG realization is how valuable it is to walk with grace through the process of integrating loss of energy, vitality, and function. I feel that my health problems are minor and for this I am beyond grateful. So what if hiking the Sierras is a great memory as is swimming a mile in the waters off Maui. So what if I can’t leap into standing from a cross-legged seat on the floor and demonstrate those beloved Yoga poses I have been doing for 45 years.

I CAN walk and I can see and I can hear and I can feel the depths of love within my heart. I can give a damn good sacred spot session and I can swim laps in the morning sun by the Bay in Panama in the infinity pool that is shared with the JW Marriott. I CAN… I CAN!


The power of the spoken word and the power of my mind are within my grasp. Those are the poses I work with every day as I remind myself of all that I still am.

Fortunately for me, I live with a man who researches and writes constantly about the new medical finds that are gaining momentum in the anti-aging field. Heck, of course we will age, but does it have to be as detrimental as we have watched with our parents? Does cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc., have to take center stage in our lives?

What if, I constantly ask myself, becoming a vibrant Thought Leader in the world of Feminine Leadership is the reward of choosing to be as healthy as I can be?

I ask you to consider even more deeply… are you at the pinnacle of your life’s dream, or are you settling?

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In devotion, Caroline

5 thoughts on “Stem Cell Update from your Thought Leader”

  1. Hi Caroline

    Loved reading this – my dog’s eye was saved by stem cells when he had a melting
    cornea from poking into something – they gave him stem cells every hour on the
    hour for 10 days – and saved his eye- Great hearing your story –
    – would love to talk to you one day – been too many years-

    Love ‘Babs’

  2. Just one question, goddess– were they “your” stem cells (i.e., cultured from your somatic cells)? If not, how was the autoimmune response overcome?

  3. Hi Caroline,
    Happy to hear about another Goddess who listened to her body and had stem cells rather than surgery! Please excuse me for this lengthy post, but I’m so thrilled and want others to know about an opportunity! Last December I was heading to Mexico. My shoulder had been bothering me for a few months. Thinking it was an injury, I went to have a cortisone shot only to have an ultrasound reveal advanced osteoarthritis, which is inherited from my dad. Thinking I was destined for chronic pain like 91 year old dad has in his neck and all over, I was despondent. Then, when I got to Cabo I was told about the possibility of stem cells regenerating my own cartilage. An x-ray revealed I had just a tiny bit of cartilage left meaning the dr. would only be able to help me for another few months….so after speaking with 4 of his happy patients (two had injections preventing knee surgery, one had his bulging lumbar disks injected, and one elderly woman with gnarled hands was knitting again after only 6 months!). They were all FINE! Fully recovered. So….I had 50 million healthy live birth placental stem cells mixed with my own PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Ozone injected into my right shoulder in late December. They told me it would be 4 months…and lo and behold it’s working! I had NO lateral movement in December – was wearing a sling and could hardly wash my hair….now I’m about 90% better! Enough said….if you’re interested in a referral to my dr. in San Jose del Cabo let me know. It’s about the half the cost of PRP here in the US.

  4. Love this my dear Caroline. I have been waiting to hear how you are doing. I’m very happy for you and commend your choice! And, no, aging does NOT have to be so detrimental. Brava!! Sending much love, positive energy and love. ?????Judith

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