Max J. Van Praag

I could not put Tantra Goddess down; An inspiring and distinctive testimony of a tantrika in her unbridled search for truth, identity and healthy boundaries, Very transparent and filled with wisdom, generosity and zest for life.

Aylah M

If you are a courageous woman who can no longer submit to the cage of wounding and past storylines running your life and keeping you small and inhibited, there is no other work I have experienced with the capacity to untangle, unwind, and release you into the freedom of yourself. I cannot put into words … Read more

Colleen S

I am grateful to be part of such sacred, worthwhile teachings and practices. Your attention to details is impeccable.

Celina Wigle

Being with and working with the power of AH has gifted me with the courage and strength to continue in my internal work of personal sexual trauma healing and my external work of supporting others on a similar journey.

Iona Jones

This work has absolutely transformed my relationship with my own body and taught me skills and techniques to intentionally cultivate, manage, and express my sexual energy.


Every woman needs to know and experience this work. It is sacred and profound. It’s time for women to realize how sacred they are, to be healed, and together help heal the world.


Caroline Muir is a radiant example of “being alive with pleasure.” I consider her an integral part of my journey of awakening into my divine feminine.


What a professional, loving, deeply centering retreat in which I was able to see who I am, be amazed and delighted by who I found, and set a path of clarity forward based on my findings. I will be sending all my girlfriends now!


Before my immersion experience with Caroline, I only understood the Divine Feminine in an intellectual way, the way one understands things through reading and discussing.  After, I embraced the Divine Feminine in a holistic and energetic way that is far more authentic and meaningful.