KB, Chicago

My whole life I have felt confused and ashamed by my lack of sexual energy. It took a lot to come to the mystery school and look at this part of my life. What I discovered was the relief and delight of safety and beautifully reconnecting with my body, my life force, and realizing that … Read more


My session was an incredible breakthrough, an awakening, a revealing of myself in a very intimate and non threatening space. So safe and comfortable and I’m so grateful. The real gift for me was knowing that I always have the power to find myself, on a very physical level, I am always here. All the … Read more

MS, Spiritual Intuitive, Palm Desert, CA

Caroline is the Holy Mother of Love. She is the Mother you wish you had had to teach you and guide you to connect with your own inner strength and respect around your sexuality and healthy well-being at every stage of your life.  She helps you erase any past trauma you may be carrying and … Read more


I’ve been engaged with Tantra for 40 years. Caroline Muir is a tantric master of the highest order. The most remarkable of all my teachers on this path, she is the embodiment of Divine Feminine wisdom, grace, teaching, transmission, gentleness, safety and experience I have ever encountered. If you do nothing else in your life, you must come and be … Read more

Lisa L

Caroline is a gifted healer of women whose souls and bodies are weary from trauma. The tender touch and love of this soul doula has brought me a level of healing that I never could have imagined. As a sexual assault survivor herself, she met the survivor in me with compassion, love and full acceptance. Caroline met me … Read more