The Goddess of Genoa

Goddess EarthLife is here to be lived. Thanks to so many of you who sent your sincere condolences to my family and me in honor of the passing of my brother, Johnny. I see and feel him constantly, always laughing and encouraging me to make the absolute most of every moment. And so it is…

The best medicine is getting back to work, and I have a very full summer of private Immersions with women and couples. The Immersions are 3 days and 3 nights in which people stay in the beautiful private Studio next to my home here in the quaint little town of Genoa. Genoa is nestled into the east slope of the Sierra, a 30-minute drive to Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe.

Women fly into Reno and generally rent a car from Budget as they make their way to my home in an easy 50-minute drive. Last week a delightful client rang my bell announcing her arrival, and I showed her to the Studio where she squealed in delight at the unexpected beauty and elegance. She then proceeded to tell me that the agent at Budget had given her an upgrade from an economy car to a luxurious 4-door midsize.

“Why?” She asked the agent. “Well, I see you are going to Genoa. Are you going to see the Goddess of Genoa? All the ladies return from their visit to Genoa starry-eyed and shaking their heads in disbelief when I asked them how their stay in Genoa was for them. They reply, ‘I have been to see the Goddess of Genoa!’”

Now it was my turn to squeal in amazement! “What? I am known at Budget Rent-a-Car at Reno airport as the Goddess of Genoa?” Will this be written on my epitaph in memory of a life well lived, I wonder?

And so, as I gaze into my lovely backyard, majestic trees waving in the summer air, I feel very human. I have the Aphrodite Arising workshop with Amrita to look forward to in October, during which time I will drink in the colors of the Fall and sit in circle with amazing women for a weekend in the Smoky Mountains.

I’m also super-excited to soon be releasing the digital version of my new online course, Living A Turned-On Life.

On another note, the home I built in Maui is for sale by the current owners! Take a look at the video tour!

You will be hearing lots more from me throughout the Fall…

In devotion, Caroline

10 thoughts on “The Goddess of Genoa”

  1. Of course, My Dear Caroline… Your fame precedes you… And will undoubtedly spread. It is the destiny of one who so loves! And lives love. I can attest! Your loving heart and inspired work 13 years ago was my initiation into the woman I’ve become… And the work I bring to the world. I bow to you, Goddess of Genoa!

  2. Beloved Caroline,
    You are most certainly a goddess and I cannot wait to spend the weekend with you and Amrita in the Smokies. Bryan and I have spent the past few winners in Asheville and decided we love it so much, why not just stay! It is a mountain Maui.

    Your brother is part of everything now, in your heart, in the sky. How big is big?

    Looking forward to another best ever!
    See you soon?

  3. Beloved Caroline,
    A huge smile spreads across my face when I imagine the bright, beautiful impact you make in the world. The Budget/Goddess of Genoa story is one fun peek into the vast number of ways your heart and work spreads beyond-the-beyond, touching people who will never knock on your door but are blessed by you nevertheless.

    I love and adore you and have been richly graced by your presence in my life… Over 20 years of being loved by you. Precious. Sharon

    • Sweet Sharon… Amrita here (as Caroline’s biz manager), loving your beautiful comment and loving you! Thank you for your bright beingness and gracious presence. xoxo

  4. The Goddess of Genoa! How appropriate for a woman who so fully embodies the Goddess. I can’t wait to announce to the Budget folks in a few weeks that I’m on my way to see the Goddess!

    Your former home in Maui is beautiful. Wish I’d been there!

  5. If I have any say, yes! you can write Goddess of the Universe on your epitaph! you are amazing and beloved and remarkably effective in your support and healing of all women everywhere. I love you

  6. Your home in Maui is exactly like I pictured it from your book. I had to go back and check if there actually were pictures, but, no.

  7. How absolutely delightful are your comments! I love you too! The more interaction I have with all of you adds dimensions to me and my need to know I am reaching you.
    Reaching you deeply enough to inspire you to write me a message is a huge accomplishment in the busy world we live in. Our combined voices make the symphonies that blow through the trees. In deep regard, Caroline

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