The Next Move… with The Movers!

How could I not respond to so many of you who commented on my last blog, What’s a Girl to do with The Movers? 

As a Pleasure Professional, a Tantra Goddess, and last but not least, the Queen, I accept the invitation to continue this marvelous erotic adventure, at least in my imagination! In this scenario, my actions have very little to do with my nice girl and much more with my wanton animal self, albeit with a good head on her shoulders.

So many of you you cheered me on wishing I had just “gone for it,” and my sweetheart and I chuckled at the possibility! After fourteen years with the same fantastic man, the ejaculatory relief of the moving guys in my temple of sacred love would not exactly have filled my cups. My pussy, yes, perhaps… but not my Yoni, my chalice of divine intervention with God. Oh, without a doubt, it would have been an adventure into lusty passion on a hot summer day alone in the house… but with my background, this erotic adventure would have gone something like this:

“Hey guys….” (hmmmm….. not quite….. what would that sound like if I was in my power?)

“Men, what Ma’am wants is what Ma’am gets. Steve, reach into that drawer for that tube of lube. How close and how slow can we go? Pass those lovely lips my way, men of steel. Breathe hot into my ear and neck ever so slowly over my luscious breasts. Steve, I want you first, then Quinn… then Mike…. S L O W E R darlings…. until we run out of time and you have to return another day.” Panting hard now, the scent of man and sweat ignites my animal self…

Shit… who has condoms? Not me… never need ‘em! Where’s that lube?

Guys in a hurry never think about a woman needing more WET than they can provide. Damn… lost in the chaos, that lube was too far away. “Hey guys, just keep your blue jeans on and hold me tight, as if you love me more than life itself and you never wanna let me go.”

Right! I am a Tantra Yoga teacher… I know things! I know the difference between my human animal and my divine feminine. I know that sharing about an afternoon’s adventure like that with my darling over wine and grilled swordfish and vegies would not make his day. I know that hot relief is like eating at In ’n Out…(pardon the pun) and is instant gratification (hey, you want fries with that?). And I want you to know that I am having more satisfaction writing about the possibilities than if I were writing about hot sex on a hot day.

Sometimes I lament my graduation into consciousness as it relates to my own sexuality. You can still have it any way you want… there are no rules, only your own truth in each and every moment. I love it all.

Sometimes I want my lover In ‘n Out, and sometimes I want a slow dance that lasts a lifetime. That is how I view the gift of playing with energy as it is called for in the moment.  It’s all Tantric! It’s all Divine! Tantra is, after all, the yoga of everything.

The recent teaching week at Esalen Institute for fifteen couples of all ages and stages held the same gratification as it always has. One of the couples called Charles and I the Sexual Bodhisattvas of Love. Now that is a testimonial I am proud to bear!

Now that I’m settled in my new home and The Movers are long gone, I’ve launched my private practice once again. Individual sessions via Skype or in person (in Genoa, NV) are available and I’m now offering a 3-Day Divinely Feminine Experience scheduled at your convenience!

In harmony with the Seasons,


3 thoughts on “The Next Move… with The Movers!”

  1. Dear Caroline,

    K-U-D-O-S! Sooooo glad you replied to the “Movers” responses! Your reply was perfect and I find myself happily laughing with your imaginative thoughts. Glad you stayed true to the man in your life, true love is a beautiful treasure! True love in an elevated Heavenly Spirit is beautiful! The tantric euphoria of the fusion of embracing Sexuality with Spirituality is beautiful! Sharing with one man, the fusion in every fantasy you ever dreamed of and have yet to experience is the absolute most wonderful feeling in life! (We are all on a journey to learn more “new” in everyday.) Keep being YOU and keep shining your wisdom! CHLOE THURLOW is an incredible writer who has shared some incredible blogs. Each blog, I learn more “new” and I am amazed in awe how fabulous the experiences are! I look forward to meeting you soon in NV and learning more from your tantric wisdom. I share some of my “new” wisdom in loving in Spirit, in my newly released book “SPRINGTIME IN PARIS UNREQUITED LOVE” Book of Poetic Prose by Linda Lee Glazier, avail on

    New book coming soon…”AUTUMN IN MALAYSIA REQUITED LOVE” 🙂

    Be abundantly blessed Caroline!


    Linda Lee Glazier

    Facebook, Twitter, Scriggler

    • Oh but your Comment is glorious, Linda. Poetic Prose by YOu will be ordered by ME asap!!! Thanks for reading… Isn’t the miracle of Love the best subject matter of all?
      I am abundantly blessed, dear sister… may you too be showed with
      the nectar of life,
      xo Caroline

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