What’s a Girl to do with The Movers?

Moving bunniesThere I was, standing at the foot of my unmade bed on a hot August Nevada day, barely covered in lace and roses bra and panties, short skirt and cami, with my three moving men humbly asking, “Is there anything else we can do for you, Ma’am?”

Soft eyes matched hard muscle. I trembled and nearly fainted as shockingly erotic movies immediately played across my mind. “Do for me? Well, yes, now that you mention it… see that dresser over there? It needs to go on that wall rather than this one.” Oh, Goddess help me, I could just lay back on the damn dresser… the bed is too obvious, isn’t it?

I loved these guys. I loved how they effortlessly hauled, dollied and carried thousands of pounds… tons actually, of my stuff the previous day… a move down three flights of stone steps from my Lake Tahoe home that took eight hours before they showed up in two huge vans at my new house in Genoa—Nevada’s oldest town in which Nevada’s oldest Thirst Parlor is the number one tourist attraction. In that one long day we bonded in partnership-of-the-impossible. No time for lunch… no time for dinner… just finish the job and head home with empty vans.

Back to these three men at the foot of my bed… or perhaps I should say to the movies in my head that weakened the very fabric of my seventy years of evolution into a Conscious Lover. For every woman my age I want to assure you we are still capable of prolonged fantasies of sex with young bucks who make a living on their testosterone. I was wet with desire, yet my ‘nice girl’ would have no part of their offer.

“Oh, no thanks,” I squeaked in near-breathless observation of my promiscuous thoughts. They were, after all, the Moving Men. As they followed me back down the carpeted stairs, we hugged good-bye, lingering in the embraces that were filled with the promise of tender passion.

Often unrequited love is the only option. The whole scene was reminiscent of youthful times gone by when I would have jumped their bones—or is that boners? It was a warm reminder of my ALIVE female animal who lives in the deepest recesses of my goddess lover-woman.

Could it be that the Wild West of Northern Nevada has woken up Belle Starr… Divine Madame of the Thirst Parlor and Pleasure Professional? What do you think? Please share in the comments section below.

Your divine side-kick and friend,


19 thoughts on “What’s a Girl to do with The Movers?”

    • What a blessing that aliveness is…which wants to be expressed even as we mature. I give thanks for my desires and bursts of erotic appreciations that I get to experience at surprising times (thank you young, gorgeous, Hawaiian Airline Steward who left me all a twitter!) I will always allow this inner juiciness to arise and softly smile… as it reminds me, at my deepest core that I am a sensual, juicy Goddesss. ❤️

  1. Oh, so delicious, Caroline! It takes nothing at all to be there with you, in your retelling, feeling it all! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to appreciate all the moments that offer themselves! Onward…

  2. Caroline…you should have said “yes”…and then asked “them” to fulfill your deep penetrating fantasy! Call them back and tell them you have some furniture to move around! I dare you to be bold and take the challenge! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

    I’ll be looking forward to your follow-up blog if you take the challenge!

    PS. “More players, more fun the game!” Men love to be teased, they love to help us with something that we need, they love to be challenged, they love to be the hero, they love to make us happy, they love to be appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded!

    Be Divine. Be Feminine.

    😉 Linda

  3. I’m shouting, “Jump their bones, jump their bones,” as I read your story, breathless myself for the next part, Caroline! I can relate about what I would have done i n my past versus the “good girl” taking over now. Hmmm, if you just physically and geographically moved, then I guess things are moving in your life – this may, be, too 🙂 There will be more opportunities, like the pool guy, perhaps? lol

  4. Why aren’t you blogging regularly for us juicy women who want to share the succulence of our sensual lives? This the first I’ve seen of your blog…more please and thank you.

  5. Lovely Madame Caroline,
    As I look at it the young mover men missed out big time!!!!
    They wouldn’t know what hit them.
    Yet….. just being in your aura they are changed forever and in my imaginings are turned on to being better, conscious lovers of themselves and all women.
    Maybe next time you can take into considerstion what a blessing the gift of your sensual, juicy self would be for them!
    Love, your Lily

  6. Oh sweetie, the next time, go for it:). I have been practicing OMing and have had some offers from several younger and lovely men. While I haven’t totally gone for it, yet, something inside me tells me I will:). Karen And I want to hear more of your juiciness:)

  7. Friday night, special date night, and I just read your moving men story to my big handsome 70 something long, long time lover and he says “Caroline! Makes me remember a night in Hawaii when and I in fond embrace watched my Love and the dance of the seven veils. Wonderful! I love it!”

  8. I too so wanted it to be ok to go ahead and give in to the fantasy!!! To make it real!!! I am stuck being the good girl right now in a situation and I absolutely know the energy behind that question, “What’s a girl to do?” I have so many other questions like….aren’t desires divine? And if so, then they are a blessing and meant to be experienced!!! There are no boundaries in love, after all. I LOVE your writing Caroline! Do you have a book? xoxox

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