The Path of the Embodied Soul

Below is the review I posted on Trip Advisor:

The Gift that keeps on Giving…

Rythmia! Where the weary Soul can truly rest … and Restore itself to wholeness. Where the integrity of the Plant Medicine Ceremonies are held with respect for humans who are ready to merge with their divine humanness … where your ‘SuperHost’, Gerry, is actually the inspiration we desperately need … where the food nourishes as does the comfort of the beds and spacious Casitas …  and where the return on your travel investment is a lifetime of Dividends! I will return to this, my spirit home … year after year.

My Dear,

There are a few words big enough to accurately describe the simple majesty of all of the combined experiences I felt and witnessed the last week of March at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica …  Awesome! Amazing! Transformative! Mind Boggling! Precious!

I sit on a new throne of the privileged as I was presented as a “Thought Leader” aka Guest Teacher to the group of fifty or so men and women who gathered for the week of Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Yoga, massages, colonics, ‘Veganly’ delicious meals, & fresh juices. Highest Light for me was the raw, authentic yet divine Inspiration of our Host, Gerry Powell, Founder of Rythmia. He is a force of brilliance to be reckoned with as well as a true blessing to this world we live in as well as the world we are creating with our Shakti and intent.

Mother Ayahausca is bold, beautiful, reverent, and relevant. She follows my early life of the waking-up mind-altering, consciousness raising “medicines” of the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Many of you know how powerful these substances and sacraments have been for so many. I bow to the teacher within sacred medicine. These are erroneously referred to as “drugs,” but I differ by stating that “drugs” are dispensed by doctors and gathered at drugstores. The transformational medicines of every decade and culture are seldom dispensed with an Rx slip. They are acquired through friends who care and take risks [in my experience.]

What separates their impact and effect is housed within the set, setting, and ritual in which they are taken. Rythmia is the first medically licensed Wellness Retreat Spa to provide shelter and safety to those choosing to alter any course in their life that no longer serves them. I heard stories of many years of alcohol and drug abuse, sex addiction, physical, emotional and spiritual pain. This all results in separation from our Soul or essential self … a desperate state to be sure.

I am invited to return as Guest Teacher/Thought Leader on the subject of Conscious and Sacred Sexual Loving that I learned under the umbrella of Tantra Yoga and the Divine Feminine. Healing leads the way for everyone who chooses to take bold steps. Sexual Healing is the least understood and therefore the last great frontier for the Light Workers and Light Warriors within humankind. You know who you are, and you will know when you are called to further serve.

This is not a path for the faint of heart. This is a path for the embodied soul. No more excuses, please. I draw you toward our Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Teacher Training program. I urge you to give yourself the right livelihood of thought leadership!

I close with my hands in prayer and namaste as I bow to the courage it takes to claim your full majesty.

Your sweet sister Caroline

2 thoughts on “The Path of the Embodied Soul”

  1. I have been drawn to you for many years, but wasn’t listening. Your book “The Art of Concious Loving’ floated around my house for 20 years. When I heard about this event, was again, drawn to wanting to go to learn from you first hand, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy all the cool things they do there? Rythmia sounds like an amazing place.. I want to thank you for all the energy and time you put into your craft, and for your unique ability to communicate it to many. Someday hopefully soon another event with you included will present itself, and I will pull the trigger and go!

  2. To my sweet sister,
    You are invited to the highest rest and retreat destinations because YOU are impeccable and divine and important.
    Your teaching and how you embody the goddess transmits the moment you enter the room. You are embodied and inspired. You are an eternally delicious gift to all of us who know or who have been your students.

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