The Vast Heart of Love

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“If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold ever-more wonders.” 
-Andrew Harvey, *The Return of the Mother*

I ask you…. does your heart really ‘break’ or does it bruise to the point where it feels forever fractured? The emotional heart recovers, and often loves again. Yet open heart surgery leads the medical and Medicare industries to the point of overload.

I once had a very precious friend. He is now deceased. He was a Heart Surgeon by profession, and husband and father in his personal life. He and his wife were Tantra students of Charles and mine in the 1980’s and ‘90’s, before his tragic death in an automobile accident. We talked at length about the journey of the heart, both physically and emotionally. He chose, for a two-year period, to close his practice and devote his time to his own deeper soul’s healing and his personal insights about disease and illness.

Dave’s words went something like this. “I knew each time a patient came in for medical reasons that their heart was emotionally broken. I knew that when I hugged them or laid my hands lovingly on their heart that this is what would heal them. Not surgery.”

I can still feel my tears as I remember his poignant words, the sadness in his eyes, and his frustration with medicine as the only “answer” to heart disease. I remember his touch, so filled with divine love. His family was very dear to me. We have lost touch. However, Dave is bigger than life as I write this. I feel his love in my own heart. I transmit that love through this message.

Please take the time to touch the hearts of those you love, and especially to those you may not love. For we all need to feel acknowledged and perhaps even loved… just a little bit… just a fraction of what you are capable of. For the human heart is eternal, endless, limitless, and deeply in need of healing.

We all long for connection, visits from our families, and an end to the endless suffering of so many hearts that inhabit the bodies of people everywhere. You can and you do make a huge difference with just one gaze, one embrace, one word of encouragement. There is a wonderful phrase going around that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Be one of the ones! Be all of the love that you are. Share yourself with abandon!

In the eternal Spirit of the heart, Caroline

11 thoughts on “The Vast Heart of Love”

  1. Thank you Caroline for sharing your heart in your beautiful Christmas message, your words and the words and thoughts of your departed friend really touched me deeply today in a way I needed and will treasure. Thank you kindly XO

  2. Thanks Caroline, so easy to get caught up in the hustle, the traffic, the presents. The food. The right way to dress the table. As we get older and wiser, it just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that we be a beacon where ever we go. I’m off to the mall tomorrow, I’ll take your words with me and beam from my heart. For you and Dave. XX

  3. Opening the heart. Such an apt message for a time in which I need to recall my own open heart surgery and how my family healed ,thus I healed for a time. It was through this ordeal that a stuck soul could open, but the trick is not to close it up again. Every day and every minute is a choice, but as you said, our hearts break regularly. It is a practice and a choice to struggle through the process of closing and opening the heart without getting stuck in shame for crying or rigidity in having to be open all the time. Ah, the seasons of winter and summer and everything in the ascent and descent of conscious change.

  4. Caroline,
    This is Beyond beautiful. Thank you so much. I am moved by what Dave understood.I am guided by your words to touch hearts.
    Happy Holidays
    xoxo Hope

  5. Thank you, Caroline, for this timely reminder. Over the years I reminded myself and my clients that when we close up our broken heart: first, it’s very painful to do that and then later on, even more painful when we need to open it. In that time I committed to keeping open my heart, no matter what occurred, to stay present to the experience as best I could, and so be always ready to express, feel and receive love in its manifold forms.

    Blessings to all in this time of Light returning.

  6. Lovely, lovingly, loving–this is my response to your beautiful, poignant message. It is more important than ever to keep our hearts open and allow love and compassion to flow through us to each and everyone we connect with. Blessings and thank you for your holiday message.

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