What is the Sound of the Start of a Revolution?

Do you happen to possess true self-confidence? I’m talking about more than just liking yourself. I mean truly feeling the breadth, the depth, and the pervasive, uplifting energy of life force that pours off of you in waves of self-acceptance that everyone around you can feel.

That would entail walking with authentic pride everywhere you go. That means you are in your mastery and power during intimacy. That also means you are in full disclosure behind your eyes… hiding nothing and exposing everything, fearlessly.

I’ve been looking back on my own journey of reclaiming, and remembering what it means to be embodied and in alignment with the divine in me. When I see or read or meet someone who has found that “spark” of passion to share or teach something that has given them a part of life they were missing, I bow in recognition and respect. This is what turns me on about someone… their unwavering assurance of what they are here to do.

During this going “inward” time I spoke about in a recent blog, I was ignited by a woman who in her sixties who found a new career. Cindy Joseph came across my screen on Facebook, and I immediately watched her video and then just as quickly ordered a beginners set of her new product line, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, makeup for women over 40. Everything she is saying is exactly what I need to hear. Where else would I go to learn how older women wear makeup?

Her philosophy of “Pro-Aging” versus “Anti-Aging” got my juices flowing. Yes! Of course! When I think about how subtly subversive media messages and advertising are for women around aging, it seems so obvious! As I continue to heal the skin on my face from the laser procedure, I am confronted with something many men and women have struggled with, something that has an impact on their confidence. Acne scars, thinning lips, under-eye bags, drooping eyelids, crooked yellowing teeth… turkey necks, for god’s sake! Oh yes, don’t forget thinning hair, graying hair, and no hair.

Lack of self-confidence can be very painful. It undermines our knowing that we are beautiful human beings and that aging is a natural process. Others may not see what we feel… but you know, don’t you? Do your insides quiver when you feel the pain of not being sure of yourself? I am dedicated to helping others grow beyond what holds them back. It’s not just one thing you need to do, or even three steps that you must take… it’s a mindset shift. And people like Cindy Joseph are leading the way. BOOM! is the sound of the start of a revolution!

Tell me your inside story! What physical or emotional attribute holds you back from radical confidence? I want to know.

Juicy Love from Caroline

7 thoughts on “What is the Sound of the Start of a Revolution?”

  1. Dear Caroline,
    You express your “goddess of radiant confidence.” Even with healing the sores on your face (as many of us can imagine), you have always embodied beauty and modeled loving care for your inner priestess. You are a teacher for the women surrounding you, to leave their pajama clothes at home. With your beautiful jewels, make up, lovely comfy elegant clothes, we see the demonstration of someone who cares deeply to inspire and to empower. Thank you for all you give to so many for so so long. We see beyond your facial laser healing. You are so normal, yet such a model for women! I love you

  2. The words you write are most helpful. It is so very hard to age in our society. I don’t want to be discarded. I have things to say and so much I want to do. Thank you for this work that you do.

    • The biggest emotional roadblock I have currently is related to sex. My thoughts go to the belief that I am not good enough. I want only love in my life. I am not overweight or out of shape but 56 years old. I am hard on myself.

  3. I hope to one day, through practice and reading, to be able to reflect the inner goddess that I hope that I am and truly embrace her, nurture her and let her shine. At almost 47…I have neglected myself these past couple of years….I am truly working on changing this. Thank you

  4. Caroline, you inspire me to keep moving ahead in this area! As you know via our chats at Mama Gena’s, I have been on this path awhile. As a 63 year old woman, I am absolutely in defiance about our culture’s attitude. And it is an inside job! Here’s how my defiance shows up…I am an S factor dancer, and CTE 1 moving more in the direction of tantra. Because of guidance from you several years ago, I have been moving along on that pleasure filled path. I have regular OM partners, and my attraction with men seems to be growing (and it’s not just about sex). And yes, comfortable, sexy clothing helps! So thank you for being one of my teachers.

  5. Thank you Caroline for expressing the tantric path with such clarity and simplicity, as simply returning to a fierce self confidence gained through self acceptance! There is So much Love to be felt!

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