A manifesto is a declaration of beliefs or philosophy.

I have written a Woman–ifesto below that expresses a platform for my feminine soul. I invite you to do the same, and live by the creed of your own making!

My Woman-ifesto

Goddess Fire


Mother, daughter, beloved, virgin, crone, wife, and lover

I am divinely feminine, vulnerable, strong, and eternally and internally in balance with my masculine god force.

I am alive to fulfill my assignment as a warrioress of the truth, and destroyer of all that no longer serves the embodiment of female principles.

Female principles include living by the codes of light, love, equality, compassion, passion, right livelihood, honesty, transparency, and grace.

I meet each day reaching into my feminine soul for recognition, as well as meeting opportunities to reach into other souls in recognition of their essence.

Woman is creator of all in harmony with God. One without the other is like an angel with one wing. Together we fly in a formation of winged ones, singing praises of thanks and gratitude in the Psalms of sisterhood.

Please share your manifesto or woman-ifesto in the comments below!

Big Love, Caroline

5 thoughts on “Woman-ifesto”

  1. Thank you Caroline!! Beautifull

    Here is my womanifesto written when I experienced my first autonomous Amrita alone amongst the red rock cliffs in Sedona.

    I AM
    by Lily Lash

    I AM the Pope infallible
    My own religion, a truth incredible

    I AM the charge of my charge
    Ecstatic aliveness my Priestess garb

    I AM the moon and the sweet cool breeze
    Holy waters blessing upon all I see

    I AM the surrender to the Church of Oneness
    Body Mind union with all there isness

    I AM the Breath, salvation is in hand
    My mantra, my creed, I AM I AM

  2. Love to my sisters.
    by Jane Breneman
    I embody your essence of wisdom and love of life. I leave my linage of pleasure, empowerment and beauty for the next 7 generations. My journey is to enlightenment. I dream with my twin fire of magical union. I am a chronic student, practitioner and teacher of light. I shine with vitality and mature with grace.
    I am an Eternal Grandmother.

  3. I love poetry. I’ve a site where I express my thoughts and feelings on life in general. Your manifesto is a poem of depth and insight. I’m honored to feature it. All the best to you, and blessed be the Sacred Feminine.

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