“What a professional, loving, deeply centering retreat in which I was
able to see who I am, be amazed and delighted, and set a path of clarity forward based on my findings.
I will be sending all my girlfriends now!”

Zoom or Phone Sessions | 3-Day Immersions

If you are genuinely ready to give yourself:

  • A blazingly Turned On Life…
  • A greater understanding of how your sexual energy serves your highest good…
  • Time away from business and work to release old thought forms that inhibit true love expressing in your relationships…

Let’s talk. Because pleasure is not a luxury. Pleasure is essential ~

There is great wisdom coming through that I wish to transmit to you… from the place of heightened awareness of a woman’s body and the sacred womb or temple from which we are created.

There is also tremendous need to enlighten men who are ready to learn how to come into the kind of presence that you desire.

Nurturing, Awakening, & Healing™ 3-Day Immersions for women and couples take place in Panama City, Panama. I will provide you with a list of options for where you might choose to stay during your Private Immersion, and your lodging costs will be at your discretion. I will negotiate my cost with you based on my time and travel to work with you.

If you are interested in a Private Immersion with me, please submit an application for a Discovery Session.

“I am the vehicle of Tantric wisdom… I cannot heal you, but together we can shine the Light of Consciousness inside and around your divine self.”

Caroline Muir

YOU are totally worth it!

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