Private Immersions with Caroline…

“The Soul has an absolute and unforgiving need for regular excursions into Enchantment . . .”

And so does the Feminine in You!

Welcome to my world!  I invite you to take a deep look at the last time you gave a lengthy quality of time only to yourself?   A vacation with purpose.   A vacation that moves you toward the awakening and healing of Passion as Prayer.   Somewhere along the line we were convinced this was selfish.

~And now we are realizing this is essential~

It’s TIME!

                                                   Time … to receive nourishment

                                                   Time … to dive deep

                                                   Time … to clear the way for your future to unfold

Here is what you will experience and learn during the immersion:

♥ How to claim your own full passion without the need for another or in addition to another!

♥ Confidence in your Feminine Presence as a Sensual/Sexual Goddess of Love … something no one can take from you, ever!

Join Caroline for a Private Immersion in Panama City, Panama

There are direct flights into Panama City from many places!

Traveling is opening up!

NOW is the time.


♥ 3 Private Sessions over 3 days, are two-three hours in length, with Caroline.

~These sessions are co-created with you!

~We will laugh and/or cry while deep diving into what you are seeking, missing, or simply want more of.

~Time with me is time for you to receive into the deep and sacred feminine that you are! 


♥ Inspiration into Sisterhood.

~An invitation into clarity and authenticity, and a deeper trust of feminine intimacy.

~ I will coach you in giving birth to more of yourself … so that you live within the confidence of your essential power or Shakti (the sacred life-force within everything).

♦  The 3 sessions with Caroline are valued at $1,800.

→ My Sacred Spot work with women invokes the deep waters of Trust, followed by opening into the mysteries within the Well of your deep Feminine. This work can be internal or over clothing, given your level of comfort. The more you release your body into it’s potential to allow another in … the more you awaken and claim your birthright.

→ Women healing Women is the foundation of my Immersions, for I am also healed as the Giver.

              ♦  Your Immersion will require your stay of 4 nights.

I will begin working with you the following day after you have traveled and rested overnight.

→ It will be at your discretion if you wish to book a longer stay

→ Days are for you to swim, lay by the pool, enjoy a late breakfast and work with me.

→ Evenings are on your own to explore, reflect, and connect with your deepest self.

Panama Nights are famous for their tropical beauty.

→ There are too many rooftop restaurants to name, but I will list the best ones.

→ I will suggest a private driver at an hourly cost, or you can just ‘call Uber’.

→ The beauty and fun in Panama City is a good reason to come with a friend (there is a one or two-bedroom apartment available from $150 to $165 a night). You will have your own kitchen, laundry and more privacy than a hotel.

You also have the choice to stay at the JW Marriott which is right next door.  It is a lovely hotel, although somewhat more costly.  I will work with you in your room.

♦ The one and two bedroom apartments are in my building, The Ocean Club!

→ It is rated as one of the top buildings in which to live in and located in loveliest area of town, Punta Pacifica. → Within a block is my favorite sushi restaurant with outdoor dining and an authentic French Patisserie, St. Honore’.


◊ I will provide a list of massage therapists who will come to your apartment or hotel room. The average one hour massage is $60 ◊


Gifts from me to you

♥ A select bottle of wine will be waiting in your apartment

♥ Lovely toiletries in your private bathroom

♥ A Crystal Wand for home practice

Let’s get started planning your time of nourishment and healing.

We can discuss your preferred time of the year and I will answer all your questions and give you a full report on everything!