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I am very grateful I started this process from Panama with you, Caroline!Tears come up for no reason, to be released. I started using the Crystal Wand you gave me. I promise to patiently play with it as I let my Yoni blossom and open up to deep receiving and giving.

Stefie ~ Freiburg/Black Forest
  • 1 Hour Zoom Video or Phone Sessions  – $250
  • (3 x 1 Hour Zoom or Phone Sessions – $600)
  • 1 Private Session (2-3 hours) in Panama City – $600
  • 3-Day Private Immersions – $1,800

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~ Pleasure is not a luxury. Pleasure is essential! ~

Are you READY? You can give this to Yourself:

I find great joy in sharing what I have found to be the greatest value in claiming my full autonomy as a woman. It is this deepening into your vast and divine feminine that will nourish you on every level.

I will guide you gently and safely into where you long to go in exploring the mysterious landscape of your body and your connection to Spirit. Being ‘feminine’ does not require wearing pink or frills. It is the final accomplishment of being a woman. It is your birthright.

We will explore how you can and must lead the lovers in your life toward a much greater understanding of who you essentially are as a woman.

If you are interested in a Zoom call, Phone Session or a 3-Day Private Immersion with me,

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I am a vehicle of Tantric wisdom and the Sacred Feminine … I wish only to serve Her awakening.

Caroline Muir

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