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If you want a relationship that’s connected, intimate, passionate, and supportive…

If you want to align with your true purpose and make a real impact…

If you want to be open enough to receive the abundance that is your birthright…

You are in the right place!

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®
Retreat for Women

The Netherlands

My Final Group Retreat!

When you heal and celebrate your sexuality as sacred, you activate your feminine birthright… your capacity to magnetize and receive what you’ve been longing for.

  • Attract connected, empowered relationships
  • Reclaim your voice / speak your truth
  • Illuminate your true soul path
  • Activate your feminine power and presence
  • Deepen your personal divine guidance
  • Strengthen sisterhood bonds in a unique way

September 19-21, 2020
Registration ends September 5th

With Amrita Grace, Caroline Muir, Martine Florus, Rachel Fiske, and Lauren Jubelirer

Private 3-Day Immersions

Nurturing, Awakening & Healing™ 

For Women & Couples

In Panama City, Panama

If you are genuinely ready to give yourself:

  • A blazingly Turned On Life…
  • A greater understanding of how your sexual energy serves your highest good…
  • Time away from business and work to release old thought forms that inhibit true love expressing in your relationships…

Let’s talk. Because pleasure is not a luxury. Pleasure is essential ~

There is great wisdom coming through that I wish to transmit to you… from the place of heightened awareness of a woman’s body and the sacred womb or temple from which we are created.

There is also tremendous need to enlighten men who are ready to learn how to come into the kind of presence that you desire.

As a Tantra Yoga educator, author, and co-founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, I am dedicated to supporting women in awakening to their true feminine nature.

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Caroline Muir is a Tantra Yoga educator, best-selling author, and the Queen of the modern Tantra movement. Author of two best-selling books, Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening and Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving, Caroline founded the Divine Feminine Institute for Men and Women in 2004 which has transformed into Divine Feminine Awakening.

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